More proof that every single liberal is racist.

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    Max E.

    The so called party of tolerance strikes again, more evidence that every single liberal is a racist. Once again the media covers it up.

    Earlier this week, right here in the United States of America, an innocent black man named Clint Tarver was attacked by a predominantly white mob. His business (a hot dog stand) was destroyed and both he and a number of witnesses have confirmed that while his livelihood was being ripped apart, he was called a "nigger" and an "Uncle Tom."

    The media, of course, refuse to cover the story. The Narrative takes precedent over truth, racism, violence, and legitimate stories; and The Narrative demands that labor unions must always and forever be the good guys. So when it's pro-union protestors accused of and caught on video committing violence and hurling racial slurs, that story cannot and will not be told. Still…

    Roland Martin, Don Lemon, and Soledad O'Brien are all CNN stars, and all are obsessed with identity politics, especially race.

    O'Brien regularly hosts CNN specials about being black in America.

    Martin has never found a racial issue he couldn’t demagogue to death (see "Trayvon" hoodie photo above). Same with Don Lemon.

    And yet, O'Brien, Lemon, and Martin don't seem to have any interest in publicizing the horrific story of a black man whose business was destroyed by a predominantly white mob screaming "nigger" and "Uncle Tom."

    Unless I missed it, O'Brien has yet to use her morning show to call attention to what would almost certainly be called a hate crime had the suspected perpetrators been Tea Partiers. And while Martin has taken to Twitter to condemn what happened to Clint Tarver, he's certainly not concerned enough to condemn the fact that, for purely political reasons, the media is covering up a legitimate story involving violence and racism against a black American. I haven't heard a peep from Lemon, either.

    Even if one or all of them has mentioned the story on the air, it's only been dutiful coverage when what we really have here is a national scandal. Had the politics of this racially motivated attack been "correct," we all know this would be the biggest story in the country today, swamping everything.

    The problem, though, is that Clint Tarver isn’t really black -- at least that's how Leftists see it, especially Leftists in the media.

    You see, Tarver committed the unforgivable sin of agreeing to accept business from the conservative group Americans for Prosperity. They are the ones who contracted him to serve hot dogs, and Tarver agreed -- which makes him a traitor and a sell out and not black.

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    The good news is that a fund was set up to try to collect $5,000 to replace his equipment. Last I heard donations totaling $29,000 had been received.

    Maybe he'll get a hotdog truck.
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  4. Unions are doing a great job of reminding normal people why they want no part of them.

    I understand the appeal of having contractual protection, so a company can't fire you after 20 years on the job when you have no chance of getting another job, so they can hire a cheaper young person. That is wrong. Maybe all states need laws against it.

    Unions however are a costly anachronism. The difference between them and the mafia is one of degree. Both use extortion to get rewards they otherwise would not get.

    The fact unions' first reaction is violence and mob action tells us very clearly that they have no rational justification for their privileges. They can't win the argument, so they punch you in the face.
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    How true. Just ask the Hoffas'.