More proof of how dumb Republicans are...

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  1. 66% of Republicans think the Iraq war was not a mistake

    Sure proof of how freakin' stupid Republicans are. Really, how much better this nation would be without them. The war was a disaster, Bush & the GOP co. was a disaster, it was largely Republican policies (ie lack of regulation) that led to the economic crisis. Man-caused global warming, gun control and evolution continues to be denied by ignorant Republicans and still half the nation are moron Republicans. WTF ?

    Sorry but it's starting/continuing to aggravate me.
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    You keep getting more stupid by the day. Has your doctor checked you for the early onset of Alzheimers? Look down and see if you remembered to put your pants on this morning. It might be your first clue that one of your two brain cells is going bad.
  3. You're exhibit A.
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    Oh look, another one star rated trolling thread.
    Where oh where is IQ47 aka self appointed Barney Fife of P&R to point out and duly document this trolling behavior?
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    You suck your gay brothers dick.
  6. +1
  7. And if the Democrats who voted FOR the war now think it was a mistake - does that change the fact we went to war with their vote?
  8. I think many of them know it was a mistake ,republicans just cant admit being wrong.Reminds me of birthers.There are republicans on here still saying unskewed polls was right,Pspr still thinks The Supreme Court is going to overturn Obamacare
  9. What were we supposed to do with the left over ordnance from Vietnam, store it forever?

    Shock and Awe emptied the warehouse....:cool:
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    Nope, an inconvenient truth the average democrap not only doesn't have the spine to admit. But they act and lie as if they never supported it to begin with.
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