More Proof Obama Was Prepared To Shift Blame If Bin Laden Raid Failed

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    The Obama Administration drafted a “highly lawyered” memo to shield the president from blame if the mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden failed, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey told Sean Hannity of Fox News Monday.

    According to Mukasey, the memo would have pinned the blame on Navy Admiral William McRaven, who was commander of Joint Special Operations Command at the time of the raid.

    MICHAEL MUKASEY, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: "That memo was significant."

    "There was a memo from Leon Panetta that described the authority that was given to McRaven and it was to proceed according to the risks, only according to the risks that had been outline to the president."

    "And if he encountered anything else, he had to check back. You better believe if anything else had been encountered and the mission had failed, then the blame would have fallen on McRaven. That’s what that is about."

    "That was a highly lawyered memo."

    "I think there is going to be more that comes tumbling out about that escapade. But so far that, memo is enough."

    (In contrast) "Dwight Eisenhower before the Normandy invasion wrote out a message to be given in the event the invasion failed and in the event that Germans threw us off the beaches. What it said was, I picked the place where we landed. The troops, the Navy, the airmen did their best and are most valorous. If anybody deserves blame, it’s me."
  2. a la Rumsfeld ?
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    A real "gutsy" memo.
  4. I'm still not convinced they got Bin Laden in that raid. At least not until they give us more evidence than this single photo they released as proof.

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    LOL. This guy claims to have found the location of Bin Laden's body at sea. He just needs you to send him $200,000 so he can get the diving equipment to bring him up from the bottom.