More people will become traders since they were laid off?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. And they have the time to become traders?

    Futile traders?
  2. poker players...

    Poker is breaking records everywhere.
    Online just had its largest weekend ever 2 weeks ago.

    LA poker classic just had 700 runners at $10k a piece this weekend...more than last year.

    Get your game together!
  3. TGregg


    I'll tell ya what, we've had a lot more loony tunes on this board as the economy has turned sour. Evidence that free markets work - the morons have been the first to have a lot more free time.
  4. I know a few investment bankers that are trying to trade.
  5. "While Wall Street is laying off, Bright Trading remains strong. Traders, brokers, analysts transition to trading for their own profits. Exceptional business model thriving.

    Bob and Don Bright have been called �Prop trading legends� but assure everyone, profits for their traders is what drives the Firm. Public invited to their Trader�s Retreat in early December."
  6. dave74


    Becoming a full time trader after one has been laid off is a recipe for total disaster.
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    I welcome the sheep, and the added liquidity. :D
  8. Trading gives the illusion that you are doing something when the only thing you are actually doing 95% of the time is transferring your money to others.
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    Agreed, but there are low barriers to entry and it's easy work. The brokers and the exchanges are really the only ones who make money over the long run. But it takes a million times more work than setting up a retail account to start a brokerage for example.
  10. Exactly!

    Unfortunately they only realize this after they are completely broke and blew up their little nest egg by trading.
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