More people choose to live alone

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  1. How about a topic without too much wild extreme conversation. I watched an interview with this author:

    Shows a gigantic increase in people choosing to live alone, a major trend. I think something like 32 million people living alone. Of course there are the widow and widowers of an aging nation, but you'll be surprised by the young people as well. I could joke, and say that maybe this explains some of the people in P&R, but this does not imply 'lonliness' but to the contrary. More people who live alone volunteer in their cities, as an example. The socialize more, possibly to attract a date, but not so much, as it shows.

    Here's the census data as backup. I have to admit I don't know how to post the actual chart, some help maybe? Here's the URL however.

    Any thoughts on this guys? P, Mav, AK, RCG, Brass, Mr. L, et al?Just found it interesting.

  2. I think that is that information is more readily available as to the hazards of co-habitation.

    In a domestic dispute a man can get kicked out of his own house which he finances fully if women and/or children are involved. And you don't have to lay hands on her either, she can call the cops on you if you yell at her in this state, for the longest time I did not believe that till I actually ran into a guy who had missed an appt. at the clinic due to this incident.

    Co-habitation is risky and because of the web, young men are finding this out much sooner. I think living alone probably correlates to the decline in birth rates.
  3. That's certainly a problem, one of those horrors kept under the covers, no pun intended. Losing one's children, and freedom based on someone else saying you did this or that. Of course, any man who abuses women is just a worthless human being.

    I think the fact that so many choose to marry, or co-habitate, late in life is somewhat responsible as well. More women have better jobs, self supporting. Past that old 'go to college to meet a man' thing is over, for the most part. I don't have the numbers handy, but I also know that the average age for college grads is now somewhere near 30, but there is still that horrible 'roommate' situation to contend with.

    I just found the discussion interesting, will read the book all the way through one day.

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    Try cooperating with rude, self centered Americans sometimes!! I rode in a vanpool for many years. It was a constant source of amazement to me how many people, women largely but men too sometimes, don't have a clue how to cooperate with other people. In a country without manners living alone is the best option.
  5. The old argument, often from New Yorkers and others back East, is that they are not rude, just busy. And before anyone throws anything, this is pervasive in a lot of major cities. IMO, it's those with not so happy lives who tend to be rude, lashing out as it were for their lot in life.

    I've always been fortunate, pretty happy, nice family. I do my best to respect everyone I run into. Yeah, I know 'kumbaya' again, but beats the alternative I think.

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    Quite true, what you say. Rude I can live with quite a bit, no biggie to me but people that fought with me [when I was the driver] and became my enemies because I asked them to be on time.. people that fought for route changes to their benefit and to the detriment of others... it was a real eye-opener as to how utterly selfish and uncooperative people can be.

    Another reason that people live alone is social security. Granny can have her own place if her SS pays enough..

    And... how "alone" are the younger ones really? They are texting and whatnot 24/7, quite possibly technology has made it healthier in a social sense, to live alone. I don't feel lonely at all if I socialize an hour or two here and there..
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    I really dislike people that are constantly late or make me late.

    The increase in liberalism seems to correlate to the increase in numbers of people living alone.

    The left seeks to break down any institutions that get in between the individual and dependency on the state. Johnson's Great Society has nearly destroyed the concept of family and replaced it with welfare, housing assistance and other entitlements.