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  1. any one in this forum know this advisory service. if read at the web it's not too much marketing promo...

    by Floyd e

    need your sharing .... thx
  2. I visited his website once (I recall that he is a guy who lost a lot in the past, and then recovered after realizing that he needs to write things to understand himself). He also compares options to fruit (which is a decent comparaison, but there are far better).

    My overall impression was that he probably makes some money, but I did not feel he is the best. If you want to learn, learn from the top notch.

    Who ever you take ask some questions. Here are exemples:

    1. Ask if he covers conversions, reversals, jelly rolls, boxes, etc.
    2. If he says yes to point 1, ask him if you should buy or
    sell a boxes, and why.
    3. How to play earnings.
    4. Is there a way to make money in which you do not lose at all,
    but still can make money (If his answer is no risk=no reward, that means the guys is not an expert. I know otherwise).
    5. Which of this is better: writing puts naked or selling covered calls (you should probably start with question, as it is an easy one).
    6. What is the difference between a strangle and a gut's strangle, and why does it matter.
    7. I want to place a calendar spread which is at the money.
    Should I do it with puts or calls (answer it does not matter in total absolute money you make, but the puts lead to higher rate of returns). If he knows the answer, ask if this is true if dividends are higher that interest rates (answer: calls are better). He should articulate the answer.
    8. Does he make money himself. How much of his portfolio is positive theta and how much is negative theta, and how each component did ove the least sell off. The best options trader should do well on both portion of their portfolion because they know how to trade stocks (direction), and also know how to trade options for income (the sell side).

    I can give you the answers to all the above, but quiz him first.
    Report the answers, and then we can talk further.

    PM me if you have questions.
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    I am also interested in an adisory service that can generate consistent monthly income. I have traded spreads since the beginning of 2007. I did well last year, but got hit hard this year. I would appreciate if you can help me with this.
  4. This is simply a spam thread to get you to look at crap posted by the people from the service. He's hit the handful of boards I read for entertainment and I assume he's hitting every board out there
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    You're intent on repeating this in all of your reply. You don't realize that option arbitrage has rate-risk (rho). If you think otherwise you're ill-inform. You define yourself an expert based upon a fallacy.

    I will ask "riskfreetrading" a question. When is it better to write a CC?

    GL and GT. :)
  6. H*Pi good catch I didnt even notice that lengthy post was from that bozo risk free.

    Risk free implies you return the risk free rate anything above that has additional risk associated with it. No matter what that clown posts.
  7. Nonsense. You're obviously not an "expert", since those guys know about risk-free profits and will tell you all about them if you only ask nicely. I mean, why would they keep such things to themselves? And what are they risking by telling you? I'll tell you what. Nothing. Because it's risk-free.

    See, it's based on an earth-shattering discovery by riskfreetrading, called "math". For example, take the average of 25 things. Then take the average of 25 other things. If both of those averages are the same, they're also the same as the average of all 50 things. You can use this knowledge to predict the moving average of any index at any time in the past. Think of the power!

    Using this so-called "math", we will all someday be able to generate risk-free profits. Perhaps in future generations, even schoolchildren will be taught "math" and will grow up already knowing how to make risk-free profits.

    Of course, this will create chaos among the trading elite. Retail traders will last longer than 6 months without blowing out their accounts. We won't need banks, financial companies or even financial-related companies. Option traders with as much as 6 months' experience will be laid off by their factories and unable to find new employment. But hey, think of the wealth!
  8. Commie although I appreciate your humor I don’t think many others here will get all the subtle and no so subtle references you make to other quacks like riskfree from some other boards we all find entertaining.

    I too, read his ditty on moving averages on his other self touting thread and found it just eye opening that he has a sound grasp of very basic math principles. Yet, nary a word about how that makes trading risk free.

    As many have posted even arbitrage has a degree of risk in it, and its not available to people like riskfreetrading who is a retail trader. One of the most basic principles of the market is that any return over and above the risk free rate has some degree of risk associated with it. That’s not really open for debate otherwise the markets as we know them would no longer exist.
  9. Right.

    The reason why that's true is because anyone who finds a risk-free trade that earns more than the risk-free rate can and will trade the hell out of it until their own trades force the market to readjust.

    Ergo, if this crackpot has a risk-free strategy that outperforms, say, US treasuries, he would have to be the first and only person thus far to discover it. Which, somehow, I doubt is the case.

    The average thing was great, but my favourite post of all is this one, where he says he has a proprietary risk-free strategy but he takes risk anyway for "pleasure/fun". I guess there isn't enough risk-free trading out there to fill up his day.
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    Here is my little contribution:

    1. All commonly used technical indicators are equivalent to each other.

    2. I trade risk free (not the usual way,but my way).

    3. I take risk only for pleasure/fun. Here is one way I do it. I look at the price action of today, from which I derive exact times to sell and exact times to buy. I may decide only on one (buyer or seller). Then I show up 5 minutes before each of those two times, place my order, and determine the exact time when I should show up to take the profit (either later that day or the next day).

    Timing and no risk is everything. If you do otherwise, you are just paying commissions, funding people like me, and hopefully extracting some thrill/fun doing it.

    Keep doing the good things (good for yourself, or for myself depending on what you do)!


    That cut and past is from “riskfreetrading” off the link that commie posted.

    He takes risk for fun LOLLOLOLOL

    He goes long or short based on his guess of timing the market. Right there is no risk in that at all LOLOLOLOLOL

    He believes you’re funding him, I guess he does not realize that he does not trade the orders of other retail traders and he’s not making markets

    Classic stuff!!
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