More Opportunities with the New MQL5 Wizard

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    The new version of the MQL5 Wizard contains an important function: now trading robots can be created based on different combinations of symbols. This innovation allows using sophisticated quote analysis and getting more accurate signals. Ultimately this will increase the number and variety of automated trading programs created using the Wizard. Currently the MQL5 Wizard includes about 20 trading signals that can be combined to produce a variety of different algorithms.


    The rich functionality of the MQL5 Wizard is available to any user of the MetaTrader 5 trading terminal. This means that anyone can create a robot that will trade according to a user defined strategy. Now you receive a convenient tool for creating your own Expert Advisors based on multiple algorithms. The powerful functionality used by professional developers has become a truly democratic instrument in the form of the new MQL5 Wizard. All the wide opportunities of the MQL5 language are now available to all traders regardless of their programming skills.

    "We have long been engaged in the development of automated trading. We are investing significant resources in this sphere, - says Renat Fatkhullin, the CEO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. - We have built up a powerful infrastructure around our MetaTrader 5 trading terminal: the community of traders at, the free code base of MQL5 programs, "Jobs" and "Market" services. Finally automated trading is becoming available to the masses!"