More on fake courts, fake cops & robo-signers

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  1. Unicredit Debt Collection Scam "Serves" Fake Court Papers by Fake Cops and Fake Judges

    This story is so outrageous that I cannot figure out why it has not gone viral on the internet. Unicredit America Inc, a debt collection firm, had people dress up (pretending to be police), serve fake papers to people requiring them to show up in court.

    People showed up in a fake court for a fake hearing with a fake witness stand, and an individual in black pretending to be a judge.

    Please consider Debt Collector Scam Reaches New Low: The Unicredit Bogus “Courtroom” Scam ........

  2. I'm surprised they haven't been prosecuted for impersonating a police officer

    another 'only in America' eh
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    Gotta love banks. First they recklessly loan money. Next, they recklessly go after people.

    THEY are the ones who should be in jail! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know this was some credit outfit, but they're all in the same category.

    Last, if someone showed up at my door in a fake cop uniform, and tried to pull that shit, they would be looking down the barrel of a Kimber Warrior .45!!!!