More of the transvestite in a black party dress...

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  1. She said that Tom DeLay is a victim of liberal left-wing oppression.
  2. He said - she said.
  3. In the case of Mann Coulter, it is he said, he said...

  4. To replace her, they booked fat gay boy Perez Hilton who has offered a $1000 bounty for anyone who can throw a pie in her face.

    What a joke the MSM media has become. Apparntly they endorse assaults on people over voicing differing opinions.
  5. Ann got a new book (surprise) she pimped on CBS..

    Man, is she skinny.!

    she has no thighs..

    but not too skinny for health.. just about right!

    in a hot way too

    those hot skinny thighs were crossed i admit i was looking

    (i think a lot of liberals were..)

    My sense is she eats a healthy plant-based caloric restricted diet.
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