More Obamacare layoffs

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  1. Lucrum


    Our very own flaming liberal Pekelo delivers pizzas for a living.

    It would be hilarious if his hours were cut due to a government program he so vehemently supports.
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  3. He started that company from scratch. His company now employs 16,500 people. He can live in a fucking castle on the moon for all I care.

  4. Well this will get people back to work.

    Good news: Everybody will have a job.

    Bad news: You work 10 hrs a week.
  5. jem


    my wife just got a seven dollar an hour pay cut... the hospital said it was because of Obamacare.

    Luckily... she only works part time.
    But that sucks...

    I know another hospital in town recently fired and entire doctors group and is going to hire new doctors, just out of school to replace them.

    Yeah that will be good for patients.
  6. 377OHMS


    Its becoming clear that the left is going to violently attack businesses that oppose Obama. They are going to spark something that they really don't want.

    Its feeling more like a dictatorship every minute.
  7. Sometimes free is more expensive than it looks.

    Quick recruit healthcare workers from the local WIC and dept of health waiting rooms.

    hey wait a minute ... that's how we got rcg :D :D
  8. I haven't eaten Papa Johns pizza in months and never will again.Schnatter makes millions from his employees labor but the son of bitch doesn't want to spend 15 cents for them to have health insurance
  9. Lucrum


    With so many highly skilled and experienced medical professionals being dumped and replaced with less expensive fresh out of school replacements.
    Maybe RCG can finally move up from third shift.

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