More New Graduates hitting US job market

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    Just as many of the long-term unemployed will never get another job in their field, instead relegated to taking jobs in the retail or restaurant industries, the same is likely to happen to the 2008-2010 graduates who do not find a job for a year, with wave after wave of new graduates on the way.

    President Obama wants to fight this with more college grants as if sending more people to college is a cure for a glut of grads without job prospects.

    Moreover, training plumbers to be java programmers (or vice versa) will do nothing but waste money while offering false hope and a burden of long-term student debt that cannot be paid back.

  2. spend more on birth control?
  3. And no more schools that keep churning out worker bees with no jobs for them!
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    New graduate? You mean from India and China?

    No Prob. Our Govmnt just bumped up the H1B quota.
  5. It's pretty bad out there.
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    Just read an article, last week I think, I swear everything is a blur these days... Valedictorian of last years class at NYU still looking for work.
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    I know guys who graduated in tech related fields after the bust in 2000, who still haven't been able to find employment in the technology sector.

    The tech sector has been systemically ethnically cleansed of Americans, with the replacement employees being Indians on the H1-B and L-1 visas.

    Silicon Valley used to be a bastion of American ingenuity, and white people at work creating things that make the world great (such as the Internet). Today, the vast majority of workers under the age of 35 are foreign nationals, and domestic applicants don't even have their resumes responded to, even though they are more qualified than ever.

    Go into the IT department of practically any large bank these days and see the genocide in action for yourself. Its just Indians. They're only there because they're cheap and obedient. Maybe if Americans worked in those IT departments, some of these mortgage shams would have been brought to light sooner.
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    my relative was one of 7,500 who graduated last week, graduated last year but the ceremony is hold month of May each year. This person is already on the second job for a higher pay, Accounting major I guess they still need more number cruncher.
  9. i care why? these kids who graduate these days take their parents to the job interview... have you ever seen that... I HAVE.... the kids of today and they are kids are and have always been coddled from day one. they know nothing about the real world and have no respect for their bosses and think that just because they have a ******* degree from a second tier school that they are entitled to some sort of a bonus for performing a mediocre job... because the way these (kids) were raised was that 2nd place still got a trophy bigger than 1st place ... well in my book 2nd place = the 1st place loser.... and before you (kids) start to send angry comments to me just know that i just graduated as well however am sickened by the riff raff that i have to work with for the foreseeable future.... oh baby boomers where are you .... help us
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    Its greedy boomers who expect the young people to work for salaries that are just a fraction of what they earned, when translated into the prices of real goods and services.

    As for bonuses for performing a mediocre job, the tone for that has been set at the top, in the financial industry and in government. Until those people are punished like they deserve for their total mediocrity, why should graduates expect anything less than rewards for their own mediocrity?
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