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  1. Does anyone know of a way to increase leverage on trading equities? More than 2:1 - My style is swing trading.
  2. trade intraday and get 4:1
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    Learn all you can about options.
  4. I don't daytrade quite as well as I swing trade - I think I would have only one trade per day available - if I used 4:1 per trade, That may work and produce larger return, but I would have to work on a strategy.

  5. I am currently tracking ITM options Call and Puts and have noticed that I could have made a few percent more, (not able to use margin) but not sure it is worth the risk, got hit pretty hard trading options when I first started trading and am a little reluctant to try again.

  6. Buy on margin 2X ETFs like DDM, for 4:1 leverage.
  7. single stock futures
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    are ssfs liquid enuf to trade?
  9. depends.

    I use them as hedge for larger moves alongside stock and options.

    If you are a swinger they should help boost returns. If you are a piker, probably will do more damage than good.
  10. The ETF equivalent of the stock I trade doesn't move as much as the equity. Did you have something else in mind. I'm assuming you meant the ETF may have more volatility?
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