More left wing violence at the G20 summit.

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    Surprise, surprise, more left wing violence at one of their protests. They Cost Canada over a billion dollars, 400 arrests made, millions of dollars in damage, many different police cars burnt, looting stores, etc, etc..... Why is it we always see this at left wing protests? There wasnt a single violent incident caused by a tea party protestor at a tea party rally, yet the left wing media is supposedly scared of them.

    This happens time and time again, any time there is a left wing demonstration there is millions of dollars in damage coming along with it, yet the right is painted as the violent side time and time again, by the left wing media.

    I even saw some real pinko stations blaming the police for the escalation in violence, the left has become such a joke.
  2. What I don't understand is why these violent thugs are not locked up. Start handing out multiyear sentences and these protests vanish.

    We also need special protest control laws to allow mass arrests and detentions when a protest is out of control. They had an incident in Washington with a bunch of out of control thugs the police were trying to arrest and some so-called innocent bystanders were caught up in it. Of course, they all sued for false arrest, etc and got big settlements.
  3. Where are our communist canadian comedians on this one?

    Oh gadfly cassie007
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    Couldnt agree with you more, they should have police in the background with video cameras taping the entire thing on the front lines, and the second a molatov cocktail comes in they start lobbing stun grenades/tear gas into the crowd, arrest everyone and sort it out with video evidence at the end. They could even use the bean bag guns to take down the assholes causing destruction right in front of their faces, if one of these little dickwads got popped by one of those while he is breaking a store front window i guarantee he is not making a speedy get away. If you are to stupid to clear out of the front lines of a riot when people are lobbing molatov cocktails and wrecking shit, you deserve the teargas. Also offer up 20000 dollar rewards to anyone who sells out one of these guys causing insane amounts of damage, we will see just how anti-establishment these guys really are when presented with more money then they have ever seen in their miserable lives.

    If you get caught doing this shit, you get the maximum the law will allow, in cases of arson and breaking into store buildings they could be looking at multiple years in jail, or else even create laws where they are also charged with the subsequent damage which follows by other assholes doing the same thing.

    If tear gas, bean bag guns, and stun grenades can stop prison riots with hardened criminals, I guarantee they can stop out of control little dickwad liberals this way.

    I am not much of a supporter of giving police more power, but if they had video evidence of everything being done then i think that would also keep them in check to some extent.

    Bottom line is something has to be done, what do you say to the guy who owned a store that got trashed, and looted for tens of thousands of damage, while the police just watched, if the guy isnt making a ton of cash he has a monster bill he has to sit on while he waits for insurance to figure it out, and in most cases when dealing with insurance companies you have to battle with them in court to cover lost wages, because you will never get the proper settlement. If there is someone who is a business owner sitting right on the edge of bankruptcy as it is right now, and his store was a target he is out of business due to these thugs.

    As it stands we basically give these idiots a free pass, while they rack up 100's of millions, or billions of dollars in damages.
  5. It's funny how the media tries to portray the tea party as an out of control group of crazies yet they would never label these nitwits as being from the left.
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    Its because the majority of lefties are losers who don't earn a living. They mooch of the govt and think that they can be communist leaders living of the backs of the workers.

    When your are irresponsible as leftists are, they see jail as 3 meals and a place to stay.

    Tea party people have jobs and houses... Getting arrested is not an option.
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    Not only that, many of the left wing media outlets tried to claim the police over reacted. How are they supposed to react when people are trashing a city?

    There was a guy named rick salutin from the globe and mail on OReilly, who claimed the real criminals in the situation were all the leaders in the G20 summit.

    "Rick Salutin from the Globe and Mail was on to discuss it, who is an op-ed writer, not a regular writer. Salutin called the leaders of America, Canada, etc. criminals. And he blamed the riots on the leaders of the big countries. O'Reilly disagreed with him and said the criminals are the idiots who were part of the riots. Salutin was basically saying the world leaders are criminals for doing everything to help the wealthy, while not doing enough for the poor, etc. Salutin said he thinks we are living in a 3rd world dictatorship. The whole thing was strange, because it happened in Canada, so I could care less. And O'Reilly had some nut from Canada on to discuss it, when I could care less what he said either."
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    You hit the nail on the head, none of these idiots involved in this had a job or a mortgage to pay, i would suspect if they did they would have expressed the least bit of concern over what would happen to their responsibilities if they get thrown in jail for a week or 2 and lose their job.

    Im sure any of the ones who might have been inconvenienced financially are already planning a new riot to trash the city again, as a sign of the brutal opression coming from a government who throws them in jail for causing tens of millions of dollars in damages, and looting businesses.

  9. Nazi Germany proved these same loser lunatics could gain positions of real power after retirees , middle classes and professions were destroyed through hyper-inflation.

    Think about it!
  10. There is a two word solution to the problem:

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