More Kerry Hypocrisy, Won't Release Family Tax Returns

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  1. John Kerry seems to have a bad habit of wanting everything both ways. He wants to pretend to be a voice for the people, even as he jets off to his wife's multimillion dollar ski lodge. His flip-flops on important issues are the stuff of legend. Now he is caught in an embarrassing flap over his wife's tax returns. Apparently her assets are "their" assets when it comes to bankrolling his campaign, but they revert to being "her" assets when it comes to disclosure of tax returns. From Drudge:




    Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, who has called for full-disclosure of rivals' tax returns, now faces growing pressure to release his wife's records.

    But in a Tax Day controversy, Teresa Heinz Kerry is personally determined to keep her returns out of public view -- at any cost!

    "This is my life, my business, not John's," Mrs. Kerry recently explained to a campaign staffer, a top source tells the DRUDGE REPORT. "I think it is very important to keep the privacy zone. There is a tradition of this."


    Top Kerry campaign staffers fear Heinz Kerry will not be able to hold back calls for a public release, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

    Staffers have been studying the '84 presidential campaign, when former Dem VP Candidate Geraldine Ferraro conceded release of her husband's tax returns, but only after an excruciating media fight!

    Ferraro said that when she asked her husband, John Zaccaro, to release the returns his reaction was, "I won't tell you how to run the country and don't you tell me how to run my business."

    Asked by reporters why Zaccaro was opposed to releasing his tax return, she said, "He feels his business interests would be affected."

    That summer, a NEW YORK TIMES editorial hit Ferraro for refusing to disclose her husband's returns: "Disclosing tax returns, as originally promised, would not amount to telling Mr. Zaccaro how to run his business."


    In December '03, Kerry announced that he loaned his campaign $6.4 Million by mortgaging a share of a Boston home he jointly owns with his wife.

    Teresa Heinz Kerry paid cash for the Beacon Hill mansion in January 1995.

    But according To Kerry's own 1994 senate personal financial disclosure [signed May, 15, 1995], Kerry's own personal net worth was somewhere between a negative $130,000 to positive $34,995.

    The current loan on the house carries an annual interest payment of $200,000, records show, more than Kerry's $158,000 Senate salary.

    Kerry's campaign insists he intends to pay off the 30-year mortgage himself.

    "Sen. Kerry is a man who has considerable assets," spokesman Michael Meehan explains.

    But Kerry's own financial disclosures show no assets sufficient to pay the loan -- or even a way to keep up with the interest payments!


    Besides a blurring of Heinz-Kerry assets, the campaign is also wresting with past quotes made by Kerry himself.

    In his 1990 Senate race, Kerry asked his challenger to "clear the air" by releasing tax returns.

    "I think people want to know whether someone they possibly might send to Washington to represent them in the Senate is someone who pays their fair share of taxes,'" Kerry said. "Why is James Rappaport hiding his tax returns?" Kerry asked. "Why is it some people can live up to that standard and he can't? It seems to me that he ought to be able to release those returns and clear the air...

    "Why doesn't he just release them? What is he hiding?"

    And at the height of last year's primary race, Kerry vowed that "openness" would be the "hallmark" of his administration.

    "As president, openness will be the hallmark of my administration, not some talking point... The highest office in the land requires the highest level of openness for the American people."
  2. AAA,

    democrats dont actually intend to DO the things they talk about.. its their understanding and sympathy to the issues that they wish to be rated on.. not things like honestly, integrity, values, performance, etc..

    i can just hear Kerry now.. "I actually was AGAINST politicians being required to disclose their tax returns before i spoke out FOR it."

    bottom line is that she will have to give up the returns.. better to do it with less whining and snivelling..

  3. good for her.

    unlike laura, she hasn't been subjugated into 2nd class citizen status by her husband.

    she's got her business, her money, and she intends to keep it private.

    i haven't heard any reports that laura bush has actually earned much on her own; instead she prefers to live off of "dubya's money," which isn't really accurate since it's all family trust money that the little shit inherited anyways...
  4. no no.. you misunderstand what i said.. i said with LESS whining and sniveling.. ;)

  5. You're right. She hasn't earned it like John and Teresa. LOL.