More IRS Illegalities To Come Out

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    If it were just the IRS we would have Big Brother government all on it's own. But we have a government industry of abuse and invasion of privacy perpetrated on the American people.

    “I think what we’re going to find out and I think that the deeper part is not so much the Tea Party and the ‘Patriot’ and those people who were targeted, but the information that has been leaked,” Rep. Mike Kelly, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee which is conducting one of the congressional investigations into the matter, said in a phone interview.

    “The information that the IRS has on file on people goes pretty deep into personal lives. It is being leaked out and given to people for very specific political reasons. I think this is something that should be the most chilling thing for Americans to understand.

    "This is a branch of government and it is under the executive branch that can be used for a lot of different intimidation elements. Think of what these people have, think of what they have on everybody. If they leak that out to the right person at the right time in the right movement that’s looking to do something, they can completely destroy individuals.”

    Kelly believes the revelation the IRS targeting of various conservative organizations was just the beginning of a larger scandal that will continue unraveling. Kelly sees this burgeoning scandal cutting to the core of the IRS as a whole, and likely tying in more prominent Obama administration officials.

    Now that the targeting of conservative groups seeking nonprofit status has been exposed, Kelly thinks these other elements of IRS scandal are going to come out.

    Kelly, a second-term congressman who rose to conservative prominence a little over a month ago when he berated the IRS in a committee hearing, also said alleged audit power abuse is likely to become a focus, too.

    “Especially what we’ve seen happening now with the data collection and the depth to which the data collection is going,” Kelly said. “Who is getting this information? There were donor lists that were leaked out. Highly, highly sensitive and private information was leaked out.”

    Kelly said the House Ways and Means Committee has had many whistleblowers and tipsters come forward with information and leads, but committee staff and members need to follow each one through to its end before coming out with any more information.

    “There’s a lot more to come,” Kelly said.