More ideas to boost job growth HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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    So in early September right after labor day there is going to be new plans to speed up job growth.....Speeding up plans for job growth, this is a fucking joke, right? HAHA come on, as I said a thousand times before you CANNOT force jobs on a slowing, broken economy. They think they can create jobs out of thin air and put over 20 million people back to work, enough already. I have been hearing about job creation for the last 3 years, its all talk and NO ACTION, why?? Because you cannot force job creation on a broken economy! All they do is babble on day after day about creating jobs. How come they don't comprehend that this economy isnt the same economy that it was 20 or 30 years ago that the economy over the last 20 years was created through the creation of asset bubbles, easy money policies and tons and tons of borrowing. This new economy needs to be fed stimulus to keep it propped up. The only reason this country ever had 4% unemployment rate was because of the easy money policies and asset bubbles that created so called jobs, the millions and millions of jobs lost over the last 3-5 years will never exist again! So creating jobs, millions and millions of jobs will never happen. They will still be looking to create jobs this year, next year and the year thereafter...Jobs arent forced, they are naturally created through supply and demand, I guess they dont comprehend that one yet. Let them think they can forcefully create jobs and I will continue to laugh until they realize they cant! HAHAHAH

    Obama to Lay Out Plan to Cut Spending and Boost Jobs
    The Associated Press | August 17, 2011 | 10:06 AM EDT

    Seeking a jolt for the economy, President Barack Obama will lay out new ideas for speeding up job growth and helping the struggling poor and middle class in a major speech in early September, a senior administration official told The Associated Press.

    The president's plan is likely to contain tax cuts, jobs-boosting infrastructure ideas and steps that would specifically help the long-term unemployed. The official emphasized that all of Obama's proposals would be fresh ones, not a rehash of plans he has pitched for many weeks and still supports, including his "infrastructure bank" idea to finance construction jobs.

    On a related front, Obama will also present a specific plan to cut the suffocating long-term national debt and to pay for the cost of his new short-term economic ideas.

    His debt proposal will be bigger than the $1.5 trillion package that a new "supercommittee" of Congress must come up with by late November.

    The president will then spend his fall publicly pressing Congress to take action as the economic debate roars into its next phase. Both the economic ideas and the plan to pay for them will be part of Obama's speech, although the address will focus mainly on the jobs components.

    Since Obama is almost sure to face political opposition from Republicans, particularly in the House, he is already preparing to lobby the American public for support if Congress tosses his ideas aside. That would set up an issue for his re-election campaign next year.

    The president's speech is expected right after the Sept. 5 Labor Day holiday.

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Obama has not yet disclosed his plans.

    No final decisions on the economic package have been made.

    Seeking re-election in a dispiriting economic time for the nation, Obama's rollout plan allows him to come into September swinging after one of the roughest periods of his presidency.

    Obama has hinted about new economic ideas for days as the Republican presidential contenders take whacks as his record. Obama's economic team has been hashing out the new package since he and Congress struck a last-minute debt deal in late July to prevent a debilitating government default.

    Obama has been rumbling through the Midwest all week, lobbying the locals along the way to help him pressure a divided Congress into working with him. He has one day of his bus tour left on Wednesday before returning to Washington and heading on a vacation with his family.

    As president, Obama is under unparalleled pressure to start showing more economic progress. His own job is expected to depend on it.

    Nearly 14 million people are unemployed. Many millions more have given up looking for jobs or haven't found a way to move from part-time to full-time work.

    The administration official would not offer details about the tax cuts Obama is likely to propose for the middle class.

    They are expected to be separate from the extension of the payroll tax cut for employees that Obama has lobbied for by the day. Obama also has promoted a familiar list of other ideas, including patent reform and three major trade deals. And he has pushed for longer benefits for the chronically unemployed.

    As for debt reduction, Obama is trying to have some say over the highly influential committee charged with recommending major changes fast.

    That 12-person panel of Republicans and Democrats will start work in September on coming up with—by Nov. 23—$1.5 trillion in savings over the coming decades. If not, or if Congress fails to approve the committee's plans, automatic spending cuts that both parties oppose would kick in across the government.

    Obama's plan will be bigger. By how much isn't clear, but he has already envisioned $4 trillion in cuts over a slightly longer period of time.

    He was in serious talks with House Speaker John Boehner during the recent, wrenching talks over a similar big package, between $3 trillion and $4 trillion. And those talks had included the potential for economic help like the payroll tax cut extension; Obama's new plan is likely to follow similar form.

    Without offering any specifics about his plans, the president has been telling audiences he will get detailed in September, and then fight it out.

    "My attitude is, get it done," he said in one Iowa town hall on Monday. "And if they (lawmakers) don't get it done, then we'll be running against a Congress that's not doing anything for the American people, and the choice will be very stark and will be very clear."

    The economy has rebounded from a deep recession Obama inherited, but growth and hopes have stalled.

    The unemployment rate is at 9.1 percent. No president in recent history has been re-elected with a jobless rate nearly that high.
  2. Obama is making a big assumption here that people want to work.

    People ain't going to get a job for a job sake. Most people want to be a CEO, (several weeks vacation a year, etc) so he better come up with some good jobs. Nothing sweaty, texting allowed, maybe time for internet porn, time to tweet.
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    But have we ever had (a) this many people who pay no Federal income tax and/or (b) this many people on food stamps and similar programs?

    Those who have recently joined the ranks of (a) and (b) may actually want to go back to work. But the long-term freeloaders may be perfectly happy with the status quo....
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    So the politicians are going to create jobs. Jobs doing what? Is there some industry or service were there are thousands of job openings and no applicants? Where is the demand for all of these workers? You can't create jobs for people if there is nothing for them to do. This talk about creating jobs is bullshit. I suppose you could hire people to stand around watching other people work. But that will not happen, unless it is a government job. But even the federal, state, county, city jobs are being eliminated because the municipalities are broke. Tax revenues are way down. So you have all these people waiting around for something to do, but there is nothing for them to do. Since 1980, thirty years ago, interest rates have gone down in a straight line, which created a gigantic debt fueled growth spurt. That is now over. Consumers and government borrowed a shit load of money and spent it. But no more. No more borrow and spend. The economy is flat-lining with zero growth. Everybody better figure a way out to create income for themselves, like daytrading, or robbing convenience stores. But if you are waiting around for 20 million jobs to magically appear, good luck. There is nothing for all these people to do.
  5. I agree. I suppose they could create a million jobs digging ditches. Then when that is completed, they could hire another million to fill in those ditches. Rinse and repeat.
  6. Heck, if you have them all ready with a pick & shovel in their hands, just have them dig for gold/silver/copper, that way its less of a burden on the taxpayer.
  7. i thought you were Long silver :confused: