More IB wackiness!!!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ktm, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. ktm


    Anyone holding EOM ES futs options at IB may have gotten a surprise just now. Suddenly every set of positions I have got multiplied by 10, but only those valued at zero. It happened in both accounts. I called and IB is aware of the issue and working on it. They said some were multiplied by 5 or 15 times the actual number being held. I tried logging in and back out, still there. They show on the TWS and in the account window.

    Absolutely bizarre.
  2. Which version number of TWS was this ? The brand new one which just arrived ?
  3. ktm


    It's back to normal now. I am running 864 from Nov 2006.
  4. jtmarlin


    stop complaining - remember it's your fault - not IB's - your responsible for IB's software - your responsible for coding IB's app! - your responsible for the data - the price - all data from ISP, the broker house and anything in between, every little BIT and BYTE - didn't you read the fine print when u signed up? - that's the cost of doing business! ha!ha! - that's what i was told by fellow ET's when i complained about the o mighty IB and any other data vendors on the planet:)
  5. with all due respect, if you want simplicity, I suggest a personal broker at Muriel Seibert, or maybe selling apples on a street corner.

  6. Bob111


    on all of my TWS's ticker QQQQ disappears today. after i put it back-no volume shown on QQQQ.
    anyone having same problem or it just me?

    Thank you!
  7. Same thing on my TWS.
  8. I think the name changed back to QQQ.

    IB probably doesn't have it in the symbol list yet.

    edit: No, it's PowerShares QQQ.

    What the freak is the symbol??? Is it still the same???
  9. Bob111


    where is the volume for Q's?
  10. Bob111


    Thank you for link Wayne!
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