More hypocrisy from the right wing...

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  1. The right wing claims to be big on life...

    The right to life, protect the "life of the unborn", yada, yada, yada...

    When then do they extend those same values to the living? When do they put the rights of the living to work in a safe environment above profits?

    Republicans don't put safety first...

    Safety is almost always a distant second or third to profit...

    Profit is more important than life to them...why is that?

    All the weeping and crying about Terri Schaivo, and her right to life.

    But the 11 men killed by BP's oil rig explosion?

    They don't costs too much money to be safe, it reduces profit, it is not the lives lost are just part of the business model.

    Reducing profit to ensure safety is not important to them...

    In their world they talk out of one side of their mouth about preserving life, and the other side they ignore the need for safety, health care, proper nutrition for children, etc. in order to preserve and sustain life...

    It is a completely inconsistent philosophy...
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  3. Hello



    BP can still be sued for being criminally negligent, which is exactly the direction a lawyer would take on this case.
  4. Your making the mistake of putting fiscally conservative individualists in the same group as bible thumping social conservatives. The two are apples and oranges.
  5. Good luck with that third party that separates fiscal conservatives from Bible thumping social conservatives...

    The reality of today is hypocrisy from the right wing...

    ...and Ron Paul and his ilk would never enforce safety on business unless they were forced to by labor unions, government, etc.

    These goons think a free market takes care of life, and is just a big fat lie. Any reasonable view of history shows what happens when there is no protection of the working class...they are treated like disposable diapers...not human beings whose life has value beyond a commodity of labor to the ruling class.

    We see now the consequence of a free market with the cheap labor of China and India. US corporations don't give a damn about safety of workers where they are not forced to be concerned about safety...which is why they love workers in third world countries who are not unionized.

    If Paul's policies were in fully bloom and power, we would regress to even a deeper schism between the classes, an end of the middle class, left with what existed before the American labor unions and government protections for workers...a working class (i.e. lower class, serf class, slave labor class) and a ruling class (i.e. the ownership class).

  6. All political parties will always have leaders who are hypocrites because there will never be a large group that agrees on everything.

    However you cannot say the group abides by hypocrisy because it is an organization of smaller groups. It's like calling the state of California a hypocrite.
  7. Registered republicans are hypocrites when their party platform claims that they promote life, but care nothing about safety for workers, environmental dangers, etc.

    It is logically inconsistent, their very platforms are inconsistent...they support life and capital punishment?


    When will you stop trying to defend the indefensible?

  8. You forgot to add-

    That the gov't has a role in protecting eveyrone UNLESS there is a giant oil spill and a democrat in the white house.

    Now that is safety first.

  9. Could you not say that registered Democrats are then hypocrites because they are in a party that has groups that want to give individuals the right to smoke weed while other groups want to create large programs that force individuals to pay higher taxes?

    There are many pacifists in the Democratic party yet Obama is escalating the war in Afghanistan. Just another example.

    Any registered person in any group with over a million members are all hypocrites if we used your logic because no group that size will agree on everything.
  10. Could you stop implementing strawman logical fallacy trips to take the topic away from the republicans? do this crap all the time.

    Pointing out what one person does is not a defense of what another person does.

    Grow up, please.

    Either you can defend the republican hypocrites, or you can't...and so far it looks like you can't.

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