More House Democrats call for tax cuts for all

Discussion in 'Politics' started by flytiger, Sep 15, 2010.


    So, here's the problem. They don't respect what we give them. Given the SOP of the SOB's, we're all SOL until they respect us. Why give them anything? They just waste it.

    So, someone says to me, "what's the answer?" "How do we get our money back."

    1. It's gone. We won't.

    2. Incarceration. 25 to life, no parole. All of them. You have to give the guy in the street hope that things are changing. With the status quo, why should he care?

    Anyway, Byrd, Kennedy, Rostenkowski, Stevens, all in one year. That's a good year in my book. I wonder if any of the bastards figured out how to take it with them......... our money, I mean.
  2. You are an idiot.
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    What is a moro? :confused:
  4. FLYTIGER IS A MORON and the last "N" is left off for 'nutcase'.

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    Someone who goes to the trouble of creating yet another alias just to dis someone else?
  6. So says the guy who can't spell moron.

    Well done.