More hedge fund ETFs planned

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    I've been tracking QAI since it was launched and it's held its own thus far - key is to see how it performs during major volatility. Still too early to consider even as a trade for me, but it's one worth watching as a 'spec' IMHO.

    IndexIQ has filed for 15 new hedge fund ETFs. A couple weeks ago, their ETF, IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF, started trading. Because of its longer-term focus, it has not had very high volume. Still, it has had more volume than many other ETFs had shortly after trading started. I do not expect any of these new ETFs to have any higher volume.

    You can read the prospectus here.

    Here is a list of the ETFs IndexIQ filed for.

    * IQ CPI Inflation Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Equal Weight Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Asset Weight Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Inverse Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Distressed Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Convertible Arbitrage Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Dedicated Short Bias Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Managed Futures Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Market Directional Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Absolute Return Tracker ETF
    * IQ Hedge Relative Value Tracker ETF
    * IQ ARB Merger Arbitrage ETF
    * IQ ARB Global Natural Resources ETF
    * IQ ARB Global Real Estate ETF
    * IQ ARB Global Infrastructure ETF