More health care propaganda from the left

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Eight


    It's all propaganda.. the real plan is to just overwhelm the US with payouts and inflation and then Voila!! The Socialists are here to take us over entirely... That's why the borders are open to the poor, they swamp the services...

    I wonder if the conservatives can come out victorious somehow.. the society collapses under the weight of the services and conservatives just storm all the capitals of every seat of government and take them by force maybe... they won't do it by the election process if they have to run against the democrats and the media like they always have to... maybe the US will split up and have a civil war with a lot of conservative fifth columns all over harassing the socialists... or the military steps up to the plate, kills off all the socialists they can corner, and then restores the constitution...

    Or maybe we could actually cut back on services..
  2. Ricter


    Please do not attack the public health care proposition(s) using the language and thinking tools you have received from the public education system. Thank you.
  3. Thats why we attack it. If we were using the thinking tools we got from the public education system, we would be FOR the public health care proposition! :)
  4. I think what they're saying, is stop using YOUR brain.:D :D :D