More Harm Than Good?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. rs7


    I have been following pretty much all of the current threads here for several weeks. I have been a spectator and a participant. I have been an driver and a hitchhiker.

    I need to ask myself at this point if I have been wasting my time, or if this has been time well spent.

    If I learn about trading here, then I consider that to be time well spent. If I do not, then I have obviously spent my time poorly.

    If I was able to contribute for the good, then I have spent my time well also.

    If I have wasted my words and shared my thoughts for the benefit of no one, then again I have wasted my time.

    If I have been entertained, then is that time well spent? If I have entertained others, is that time well spent? Or is this the wrong forum? Is the entertainment just a waste of space and time?

    I have recently been trying to follow the threads of Super_ego who obviously wants to be inflammatory. I find him to be at times knowledgeable, but always abusive....which is is obviously his intent. Why would he use a name like that if he did not want to ruffle feathers? I enjoy his posts and his humor, but I am put off by his cheerleaders who have decided that questioning SE is heresy.

    I have watched the "superstition" thread turn into a never ending debate over the merits of religion and God. I have witnessed the ostracism of Lundy for giving his opinions, and the Moonie mentality of the followers of Super_Ego.

    I have seen Tony Oz respond immediately to a challenge only to be derided for his generous and immediate response. Don Bright gets abused for no reason other than he is high profile, and his success is resented by some here that have not achieved his stature his experience or his prosperity.

    I have been called names for disagreeing with the opinions of others, and I have been applauded for writing thoughts that I never implied were original.

    I have been told to "go away" from a thread for asking a question.

    I have gotten Private Messages asking for more advice than I am qualified to give.

    I have been biting my tongue keeping the confidences of Private Messages that would have vindicated me for the very things I have been severely ostracized for in the public threads. (the hardest thing I have been confronted with in a long while)

    So I ask you, the populace of Elite Trader if I should walk off into the sunset, or if I should stay and slug it out with the would be detractors of my thoughts. I have stated before that I have been trading longer than some here have been alive. Yet I am insulted by some of those very people for expressing what I hope to be humorous or informative; maybe I do have too much time on my hands right now, and have made a mockery of myself for my time spent here.....witness this one PM from today, and my response of which I am not proud:


    tampa wrote on 07-09-02 01:18 PM:

    Dude, you are unserious need of a life...or something.

    Re: a life
    ok...thanks for the advice..interesting you can know so much about someone you don't know anything about. But thanks just the same! And Dude, you need lessons in grammar or spelling or typing or medicine for you attention deficit disorder..."unserious need of a life..."?

    So perhaps I have lost my mind. Your input will be appreciated, and either way, peace and good trading to all. (Some more than others)
    :) RS7
  2. Babak


    ET, is like other things in life. It goes through both bad and good periods. There have been many times that I've wanted to leave, but then I just go away for a while and come back refreshed. By that time, the board has had time to change.

    The recent SE threads are another example of this. People like him (or should I say that person) have come and gone. Those that remain are a great source of knowledge and a sense of community.

    Ultimately it is up to you whether you stay or not. The only thing I advise is getting a thicker skin quick! (I think Don knows the best purveyers :p ) For me the good has outweighed the bad.
  3. Magna

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    Personally I welcome your contributions to this board. I enjoy your writing style, your insights, your humor, and being the beneficiary of your extensive experience. Please do not let a few cheerleaders drive you away, as many people here are most appreciative of what you bring to the party.
  4. nylord1


    keep posting. your advice and experience will be appreciated by some and derided by those who are ignorant. That's the way it is with everything. Can't expect to have everyone be courteous. I tell myself that everyday when I m on the subway and i have an elbow in my face and body odor kicking from the guy next to me. Those who are here to learn will value the info shared by others. Forget about the hecklers.
  5. rs7


    It isn't a matter of a "thick skin" for me...none of it bothers me. I just really don't want to waste my breath if I am trying to help some people and they don't care. I don't want or need adulation or gratitude. But a little respect would go a long way. If I want to get dissed, I can get that from my family:)
  6. Commisso

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    Beat it bro... You and your 37 aliases are starting to get pretty tired!!!

    PEACE and Commisso
  7. MrX


    I guess that I'm what would be known as a lurker, not because I don't want to contribute but because I just a struggling part time trader who wants more then anything to be a full time trader but has not reached a plateau where I feel my comments would be of value.

    In regards to the value of ET, for me at least it's a matter of reading some great advice and ideas and just glancing over the crap!

    My favorite by far have been the journals, most recently Huios, jboydston and bronks (I'm partial since I only trade the Minis).

    Anyway, bottom line is like Babak stated you have to take the good with the bad and I hope all the great posts keep on coming and I hope people appreciate the time that some people take to post some great advice and ideas.

  8. secco



    rs7, get some help dude. oh and that goes for your "brother-in-law" too :p
  9. Commisso

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    Hello my name is Commisso and I am an elite head junkie!!!

    Seriously though I think I might be slightly addicted to this forum, sad I know, trust me I feel like a HERB for sayin it...

    I only play the mornings now so I have a lot of free time in the afternoons and sadly a good deal of it is spent reading through the garbage on this site

    I have come to think it is entertaining BUT ultimately a big waste of time...

    Rs7 for what its worth I really enjoyed your posts! and I think you should stay and contribute... as for me I AM GONE starting tommorrow...

    PEACE and good trading It has been fun,
  10. RS7,

    I've been frequenting 'net boards since, oh, some time late in Bush I's presidency and I can tell you that Super_Ego/Fasterpussycat is what we affectionately call a Net Kook. He craves attention and can't get it through talent so he does so through bombast and insults. The fact that he constantly degrades superior traders shows that his true motivation is a deep feeling of inferiority. (I think we all remember how obsessed he was with Hitman, even to the point of going over to Hitman's new board as his "Resolas Inamtih" incarnation and spewing garbage.) It's just sad and pathetic because he's fooling no one and impressing even fewer. If he's really 42 like he claims, that's even sadder. But hey, if that's what TPTB want on ET while real traders find new venues to express their opinions, that's the free market for you.

    As always, YMMV IMHO and STFU. : )
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