More free lunch and preference for the pinhead and dimwit population

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  1. If she was smarter, she would realize why she didnt get in and why other poorer students do get in with those scores.

    It has been proven that if a person grows up in a higher income family, their IQs are higher by 15 to 30 points. So it makes sense that if someone has a 115 IQ, but they come from a very poor family, that their real IQ would be 130+ if they had grown up upper-middle class like Hannah.

    Reverse that and say Hannah was a poor student, her IQ would not be 121, but likely 106 or less which would put her too far away from qualifying from the gifted & talented club.

    The name alone should've been enough for Hannah to understand that only "Gifted" and "Talented" can get into that club. Hannahs IQ is a result of upper-middle class upbringing and her straight A's are a result of hard work. They dont call it the hardworking education program,they call it the gifted & talented education. A poor kid with a 115 IQ can be cultivated into a child with a genius IQ (140+) later on. Hannah is pretty much at the top of her game. She will likely never get a higher IQ than 121.
  2. Correct. It's well known that the third and fourth worlds are filled with undiscovered genii.


    Yeah baby, I got's a hi-Q
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    This is the most sociologically astute piece I've seen you write, to date. I object to your leaving out qualifiers that remind the reader that you're referring to statistics and averages for a group, and your conclusion that tends to indicate that an individual will turn out some certain way (which is only really true for the group being examined), but otherwise it's quite good, imho. Well done, peil.

    Of course, going forward I intend to try beating you up with other truths arrived at by sociological analysis, but I'm sure you're ok with my trying. ; )
  4. I look forward to it, my friend. :cool: :D
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    All that might be true but, there a plenty of people who say IQ. does not change.

    To take most IQ tests, you do have to have some facility with language or math to begin.

    so an uneducated person's test score could improve with edcation.

    but, if you are 20 years old and get figure out what comes after

    5, 25, 125 -- you probably are not going to all of sudden get smart..

    ahh never mind... I am sure that some training could improve lower scores.

    I just did a search.... turns out et chat could be top IQ training. (I just knew it. )

    Writing - Make a regular habit of writing down your thoughts. Writing is said to be the best machine of the "mental gym". It provides the perfect workouts for creativity, logic and focus.
    Reading - Try to finish a book every week. Reading novels and books leads you to a world of imagination and provides a much-needed break to your mind and gray cells.
    Watching Fiction - This may include watching television, drama, theatre and plays. A world of fiction makes you imagine yourself in that position and leads to a diversion of thoughts that otherwise just revolve around your basic needs in this capitalist world.
    Changing Hobbies - Engage yourself in new activities on a regular basis. Don't limit yourself to a particular activity for a long time. This will improve your learning capability. However, you should also take care of the fact that you should not keep on changing your hobby just for the sake of it. You should develop some interest in it and your gray matter should participate fully in it.
    Solving Puzzles - Solve as many crosswords and puzzles as you can. It keeps your brain sharp and boosts your learning capabilities.
    Playing Competitive Games - Games that involve a lot of competition and require strategies and thinking on your part are excellent ways to boost your logical skills.
    Breaking Routines - Don't stick to a particular routine. Try breaking your habits occasionally. For e.g. Take a different breakfast or the same breakfast at a different time; change your sleeping place etc.
    Exchanging Cultural Views - Meeting people from different parts of the world or people of different race and origin and interaction with them leads to a healthy exchange of cultural information. This provides fresh vibes inside you and sharpens your perceptual skills.
    Debating - Take part in friendly debates. This implies that you should discuss a certain topic; but not argue upon it. This will help you to examine your own opinions and will develop your reasoning skills.
    Teaching - Whatever little opportunity you get to teach make the most of it. When you teach something, you get to understand that thing more. The more you repeat that topic, the more it develops your understanding capability.