More fed give away to those who brought big homes

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  1. this is gonna come crashing down like mad, no amt of aid will work
  2. Time to pay up for Reagans trickle down fraud formula. You can't continue to eliminate income, off-shore jobs and wage wars on borrowed money forever. Republican corrupt incompetence is why America is at the brink of collapse.

    The interesting fact is if these people could be labeled as some type of "business owner" and they donated money to republicans, they would be able to get all kinds of subsidies and benefits with all the halfwit joe-the-plumber types cheering on.

  3. "More fed give away to those who brought big homes"

    Where does it mention only applies to those who bought big homes? You ever been to CA? There are plenty of small homes out here as well.
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    Tsing Tao

    i see youve given up on ranting about how everything is bush's fault and now go right back to reagan

    i wonder when youll start blaming eisenhower.
  5. The modern republican foot soldier is a moron and it's elite are crooked criminals. The scum we see now all float up from the shit at the bottom. The fact is Eisenhower would never have been elected in any republican primary today.

    Time to pay up for 2 decades of crooked greedy republican malice. I can't believe these scum still fight any regulation to stop off-shoring jobs.

    America is headed towards social and economic collapse. It's going to be like Germany where city folks went to the farms and killed all the farm animals. The only people that will help the farmers ( who mostly vote republican) are the illegal immigrants they employ.

  6. Since the republicans do not own the white house, senate, or house of reps, maybe the dems should fix all this?

    And the congressional repubs CANNOT block ANYTHING.

    Need to work on those nasty blue dogs a bit.
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    Forget Eisenhower. It's all Washington's fault. If he hadn't won the damn war. Heck, let's blame France while we're at it. Damn French :mad:

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    what about ted kennedy and his massive immigration policies designed to in cheap labor and create more democrats.

    What about Clintion and his deregulation of banks and cdos?

    Come on cut the shit bush nut licker... you know the socialists, liberals and democrats most republicans have all been traitors.

    We need libertarians and old school buckley type conservatives.
    Not the whores we have who sell out to lobbyists to get elected.
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    Those farkin asians crossed the Bering Straights land-bridge between Siberia and Alaska and ruined everything so I tip very modestly at dim sum. :mad:
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