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Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. this time in the mini gold :p

    big comex contract trading 420

    mini YG contract trades down to 412.50

    looks like some busts coming if they do their job right

    as there is supposed to be a bust policy

    of $2 out of line ... not sure if this is auto bust

    or a broker has to complain ...

    I bought 419 myself but ... sheesh ... looks like volume went

    below 420 down to 412.50 ? this is crazy !!!:eek:
  2. bobcathy1

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    You think that is bad? Look at the overnight on YM......:eek:
  3. I don't think they would necessarily bust those trades, it's very possible some guy maxed out his account going long YG at 430 yesterday and got liquidated overnight. I saw those trades go through live, but there was only 1 contract at 414 offered before prices shot back up.
  4. Magna

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    I've got the YM spiking about 8.3 pts or $41.5 (per car). I've got the YG spiking 7.8 pts or $258.96 (per car). In other words, the spikes weren't even close, the YG spiked 6.2x as much as the YM.