More exercise leads to increase in CAC, specially for white men

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    Thanks science, like I didn't have enough to worry about. Maybe I will be just a couch potato from now on. So now exercise is not good for preventing artery calcification...

    "Much to their surprise, the researchers found that the participants who had the highest levels of physical activity (trajectory three) were 27 percent more likely to develop CAC by middle age compared with people who exercised for under 2.5 hours per week.

    The development of CAC was tested for during the participants' final year in the study, when they were all aged between 43 and 55. Computerized tomography scans of the chest area were used for this purpose.

    After analyzing their data in terms of race and sex, the team also found that the group at the highest risk was white men, who were 86 percent more likely to develop CAC than their counterparts."

    Disclaimer: causation/correlation...

    Possible explanation for the finding: "If they are eating a lot of foods with Omega 6 PUFA seed oils (canola, soy oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil) like a lot of the modern American diet then this may be the case. Plaques are caused by oxidized LDL and pretty much the main oxLDL is from Omega 6."
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