More evidence emerges that Chrysler Dealer closings was politically motivated

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    """""I wrote yesterday of the possibility that Chrysler dealers who had been given the ax were disproportionately Republican - many of them large contributors to GOP candidates and the RNC.

    Now comes more evidence that these dealer closings were politically motivated. Through Reliapundit at Astute Bloggers, we learn that the lawyer for the dealers being torpedoed believes that the closings were ordered not by Chrysler, but by the White House: (via Reuters )"""""
  2. This is great news. the more the government fucks up the auto industry, the more people will never ever allow them to enter another industry again.

    Since I despise car salesman, this is great news either way. It's win-win for me.
  3. Obama is Putin...
  4. Did the "American Thinker" gaffaw...give you any thoughts on Cerberus Capital Management? And/or their role in wrecking Chrysler...or their political affiliations?

  5. The odds of Obama lasting out his 4 year term grow more unlikely with each passing day. I smell a resignation in the future. Seriously, he has been in office only four months, how can you defend this clown? He has failure written all over him.
  6. The resident racist is exactly right

    Obama is Putin

    Putin's been in office for almost 10 years.

    Jeebus how do you guys miss this stuff?

  7. bunch of losers!!

    Only the Reloader's will survive.

  8. Eight


    They came after my Chrysler dealer, and I said nothing

    They came after my Chevy dealer and I said nothing....

    Then they came after me and I still didn't say anything much.... not in the mood to talk I guess...

    Edit: I had another post but I realized that it could be construed as a threat so I got it the hell out of here... no sense giving them more to work with, if they are going after small businesses owned by Republicans then who's next... Richard Nixon would dispatch Secret Service guys all over the country to screw with perceived threatening people. Writing him a letter was asking for it sometimes...
  9. Lucrum


    Or worse.

    It's hard for me to imagine someone as obsessed with the lime light as much as Hussein resigning.

    Defend him? You can't.
    Unless of course you're a drooling, rabid Bush hater OR a bleeding heart liberal that admires Dumbo and his totalitarian socialism.

    In which case it absolutely does NOT matter what Obongo does, doesn't do or says. It's all good.
  10. Obama will be in office for the next 7 years
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