More ET fodder - 30 something millionaire needs advice

Discussion in 'Trading' started by FCostella, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. This is no joke. I have a great job, but it is boring to me. W2 last year 800k. I have studied trading as a hobby. IRR last two years avg 30%. Dream job is to run an investment fund. Not sure of where to start. Wife thinks I'm crazy. What to do?
  2. start a small time charity man, feed some bums

    do some good you rich kid with a runaway ego

    of course assuming you have all that money :D
  3. clacy



    Keep banging out big money for a few more before you quit your job.

    You have a lot of years ahead of you. You can live your dreams and trade for a living pretty much any time, so that should at least give you the light at the end of the tunnel to keep you going for a few more years.
  4. Yeah right Frank how is South Chicago treating ya
  5. what job do you have that pays 800k that isn't on Wall Street?

    Corporate law?

  6. Buy a Bentley and buy some red lipsticked hookers on the side. Snort some coke and start playing options.

    Occasional date with a Tranny won't hurt...