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  1. One area you may wish to expand is EMOTICONS.

    The basics are available here but more nuance of expression would enhance communication, and make ET a lot more fun too. All PLUS and no downside as far as I can see. Won't take any more bandwidth to speak of ... exchange of INFO is at least half the reason for success of ET, and I submit that "entertainment in posting" is the other half.

    Custom emoticons provide more of both, communication and entertainment, can be unique to your site and welcome addition here.

  2. naked1


    the only one that matters is :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    but yeahh this site is all about comedy not real work
  3. You have an unlimited amount of emoticons/smilies to choose from, just google and hot link them to your posts.



  4. searching... cut n pasting, and so on is too much work and time consuming. as it stands now we got 8 simple expressions to choose from.. this doesn't even come close to the nuance of human non-verbal communication. How about a few more to choose from.. i'm not talking about lewd stuff just a bit more variety to reflect the 'emotion' that can be so lacking the written word. :)
  5. Lord help me, we are about to enter the realm of little purple dinosaurs and 3D emoticons...
  6. Lo! That was a good idea, forex-forex, how did you do it? :cool: What do those icons mean? :(
  7. and use the [​IMG]

  8. I like the idea of ET putting up more emoticons for us to choose from. If you really want to see it happen, I suggest starting a new poll thread on the subject. Otherwise this will just end up as yet another decent suggestion that never gets implemented. (This will probably happen anyways, even <i>with</i> a poll thread- but at least our odds would improve a bit.)
  9. Does ET really need another poll? [​IMG]
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    Longshot, you had imo the best emoticon ever: the one with the icon taking a puff on a cigar.

    I can use that emoticon almost daily now.

    nitro :D
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