More Doom and Gloom Needed

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EqtTrdr, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. Some day Faber will get the inflationary recession he's betting on. In the meantime he can congratulate himself on being so smart while making predictions which are mostly wrong.

    I never figured out the good press these doomsters enjoy. Rarely do you see a group of people so profoundly wrong for such a long time, yet they pat each other on the back all day, saying how smart they are.

    Doesn't being smart about the markets involve making tradable predictions that have some semblance of corectness? How can you sit around with the Austrian economists all day, saying what greats minds you are, and be wrong about the markets all the time?
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    And Two Angels can dance on the head of a pin
  3. If you listen to Jim Puplava's broadcast this week, you will find that its even dawning on him (as one of the more notorious promoters of the doomster view), that the doomster philosophy is not helping his clients to make good investment decisions for their retirement portfolios.
  4. where has Prechter been lately??

    Especially after that great "top" call a couple months ago...
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    What's the deal on this Faber character.

    Which funds does he manage?