more diversity and sensitivity police at work

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    Mike Gray works for the Arapahoe County, Colorado, roads and bridge department. He also owns a lawn service business on the side. That's not illegal, but he could lose his county job because of it. Gray routinely drives a pickup to work and hauls a trailer with his lawn service tools behind it. The trailer has the name and telephone number of his business. It also carries a sign saying "Lawn Services Done With Pride!! By An English Speaking American." Gray says many people in the lawn-care business don't speak English, and he just wants customers to know he can communicate with them. But the county has told him if he drives the vehicle to work again with the sign uncovered, or wears a U.S. border Patrol cap given to him by a friend, he'll be fired. A letter from his supervisor said the sign and the hat are "reprehensible and discriminatory to our non-English speaking and/or Hispanic workforce" and violates county rules on diversity and harrassment.

    lol. "reprehensible and discriminatory"

    proclaiming that you are an "english speaking american" is "reprehensible and discriminatory"

    im waiting for them to add the piece de resistance - and call it hate speech
  2. More evidence of liberals' odd definition of tolerance. They demand everyone be tolerant of everything they approve of. Anything else is hate speech and can be banned.
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    When will we have a legal system able to produce enough attorneys and firms willing to challenge these “hate speech”, “diversity” and “harassment” policies as unconstitutional?

    The guy should show the sign, get fired, and then sue. But where is he going to get the money since there are no law firms bold enough to take on his case Pro Bono?
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    Surely the ACLU would step up to his defense.

    Wouldn't they?
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    The basic issue is that this country is founded in part on the belief that all men are created equal. Some of us take that seriously, or at least its intent. However, that is not how this country has operated historically.

    So attempts are being made to repress the brainstem-based (that's the reptile part of your brain) dividing up of people into skin colors and what flag they worship, etc. (insert all that stuff that scares you here), and thereby level the playing field.

    Why level it? Because while we know that all men are not really created equal, by controlling for initial opportunity we can at least ensure that we don't get the kind of truly unbridgeable gulfs you see between the talented children of the wealthy (best possible starting hand) and the least talented children of the desperately poor (worst possible starting hand).

    Why get rid of that gulf? Because it has been shown time and again in history (remember, you're supposed to read some) that it leads to social chaos, rich people "twisting in the wind" and many more dead poor people. Anyway, if we could "throw in" these starting hands and draw again, we wouldn't need to even try this stuff, but we're stuck in these sacks of skin for decades.

    The belief is that by continuous education about how wrong this hubris or fear-based dividing up of people is, there will with time probably be fewer who behave in that way. It works in many other areas of human behavior, so it's not implausible here.

    Somehow, Yankee ingenuity should be able to devise a system where no one starts with "unpaired, unsuited pocket cards" at a table where other players have been allowed to stack their hand, and still allow someone with a good starting hand to apply that hand, read hard work, and get ahead, if that's their wish.
  7. Generally the ACLU doesn't step up to help bigots or racists.

    Imagine if the guy has a sign that said "Have a white man who will cut your lawn."

    I suspect if the demand for English speaking only lawn care were really that great, word of mouth would keep this guy from having to advertise his bigotry.

  8. There are plenty of wealthy conservative groups who donate money for legal battles, we see it constantly in abortion cases, religious cases, etc.

    If the man wants his day in court, he can have it.

    He can go on Sean Hannity, et. al and get plenty of funding, if not endless lawn care work....

    Don't forget, that this man works for the government, not private enterprise....and is subject to government regulations at his place of work.

    I know that most of the rednecks here want to have the right to espouse their hatred and bigotry anywhere and everywhere with impunity, but that's not the way it works....

  9. the ACLU has actually been pretty darn good about supporting free speech in these kind of cases.

    i suggest a visit to for some great case law examples

    the only amendment that the ACLU ignores (generally) is the 2nd amendment. they are pretty good and fair on the 1st.

    fwiw, even the ACLU admits (i heard one ACLU lawyer say this), that realistically speaking, even they don't believe their position is actually correct so to speak in every case. it is merely that it is their place to be an advocate for their side. that is refreshingly honest. very dershowitz'esque
  10. If saying "Se Habla Español" isn't bigotry (which it isn't), saying you're an English speaking American isn't bigotry either.
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