More Democrats Oppose Obama - U.N. Gun Control Treaty

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Jul 26, 2011.

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  3. This kind of thing is why I get annoyed with "independents" who will tell you with self-righteous disdain that they vote for the "best candidate" and don't let party labels influence them. The fact is, you're voting not only for the candidate but all the people he will appoint and who will be out negotiating things like this treaty. You are voting also for a philosophy, in the case of Obama a radical left wing philosophy that is badly ou tof step with the american people. Unfortunately, we had a media that lied about who he was and a republican candidate who was too intimidated to make the case.
  4. I have to wonder if the Fast and Furious investigation, where BATF let smugglers buy guns to send to mexico, was designed to lay the groundwork for this treaty. If that Border agent hadn't been murdered with one of the guns they let through, the media would have never reported the facts about it. The Washington Post had already done a lengthy series trying to make the argument that there was this desperate need to impose draconian restrictions on gun sales. Clearly they were working hand in glove with anti-gun groups and their allies within BATF. In fact, one of the worst of them is the guy who was nominated to take over.
  5. Outsourcing of the constitution?