More Dementia from Trader28

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  1. Here he is showing off on his motorbike in Indonesia:

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  2. Here he is in another incarnation:


    Please post other trader28 sightings as well.

  3. So you're one of those shemales that likes to take it up the pooper.

    Tell us something we don't know.

    You're the biggest loser on ET, you replied within seconds to this thread which just goes to show that you literally stalk ET 24/7.

    BTW, no one should click on the above link - you will get directed to a porn site showing trader28 (a tranny) taking it up the ass by many guys.
  4. Tums


    He is just a punk.

    I push his button once in a while to make sure he keeps on putting his foot in his mouth.

    Same goes for Trader666.
  5. You set him up with a nasty, trash talking thread and then call him a loser? :confused: :eek:

    Typically ET bullshit.

  6. He sent me a nasty PM, so I have a moral obligation to humiliate him.
  7. Well let us know when you start then :p
  8. But you never upset us... we make money... you can't touch us :p

    We just laugh it off and watch you guys get all frustrated because you are losing every day with SCT :D
  9. you just don't like us because we point out the truth about your master, Jack Hershey... things like he claims he can make 3X daily range but in reality did -24% in a trading contest, buying the 0 to 7 turn tests out miserably, etc.
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