More deep thoughts from the leader of the Republican party...

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  1. It's Friday, so why not check out what's happening on talk radio? Oh, here's Rush Limbaugh, passing on the opportunity to offer any substantive critique of, say, the White House's Afghanistan policy or something, to instead offer up one of his patented dinner theatre routines: "Hillary Clinton is a Mannish Lesbian."

    Ridiculing Clinton for the work she's undertaken thus far at State, Limbaugh bleats: "The scary thing is that she is TWICE the man OBAMA is."

    This is all part of Michael Steele's secret hip-hop ninja inside-the-tent Pack Rat strategy, I'm sure, don't worry.
  2. Obama is weak. Everyone sees that. Hillary will walk all over him, which is scary because she is just as big a neophyte in her job as he is in his.
  3. Oh yes, as leader of the Republican party, Limfatty is so qualified to evaluate the job of the party in power.

    Yes, the party in power...

  4. That's Rush's job, and no one does it better. He would clearly be a far better leader than Obama or Hillary. For starters, he is not corrupt, has no known connections to terrorists and has worked in the private sector in a variety of jobs, large and small.
  5. on or off his meds, paid for under the insurance plan you ahole :D
  6. You are working on a stand-up routine, right?

  7. Don't waste time on people like AAA. Limbaugh not corrupt? Lol. Do not write any more on the topic. We are clearly dealing with people who are delusional.
  8. Facts:

    Hillary Clinton, long and sordid record of political/legal corruption.

    Barrack Obama, long record of association with terrorists and radical activists, financial impropriety, sleazy book deals and fundraising, and complicity in corruption-plagued Cook county democrat machine politics.

    Rush Limbaugh, America's favorite talk radio host, had well-publicized problem with addiction to pain killers in wake of back surgery. Otherwise, spotless record. Made a fortune from radio syndication and saved AM radio in the process.

  9. And Bush was strong look what it got us. We need someone to orchestrate; conduct not play everyones instrument for them.
    All that vision and no perspective. Besides that Limbaugh created a race of mutants.
  10. Rush Limbaugh is one of the most immoral people you will ever meet.

    You may hate Obama but Obama has a family and 2 kids and Rush Limbaugh has neither. In fact, one time Rush Limbaugh got busted with a bag of viagra pills(I dont remember whether he flew to dominican republican or some other place). When you have someone who basically visits whores and or prostitutes and leads a bachelor lifestyle at his age, you have someone who cannot be a moral compass for anyone else.

    BTW, 3 divorces is not "SPOTLESS RECORD"... That is just a thought.

    Rush Limbaugh is a thoroughly immoral animal. He poisons people's minds and spreads demagoguery for $30-40 million a year.

    I wish what happened to Gianni Versace would happen to Limbaugh/Coulter/Ingraham/Hannity/Mark Levin/Neal Boortz and other trash on the airwaves.
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