More crybaby hypocrisy from Rush

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  1. "There was a court reporter there. Have you, in all the stories of this hearing yesterday, have you seen very many detailed references to what my lawyer said about the leaks in this case? Well, it's all there, if anybody cares to go get the court transcript, and you'll find out exactly what was said by my lawyer regarding this. My friends, it is, and has been, obvious to me for the longest time that all these leaks were an attempt to try me in the court of public opinion. The Democrats in this country still cannot defeat me in the arena of political ideas, and so now they are trying to do so in the court of public opinion and the legal system. I guess it's payback time. And since I'm not running for office, can't get to me that way. They're going to seek the occasion of this event in my life to see, to find out if they can do any damage. And that's as much as I want to say... No, that's not as much as I want to say; that's as much as I'm going to say about it at the moment."

    Crybaby Rush, poor baby, poor drug addict, whaaa whaa whaaa.

    Limbaugh has done nothing buy try his political opponents in the court of public opinion for years, and now that it happens to him he cries like a little bitch.

    "My friends, it is, and has been, obvious to me for the longest time that all these leaks were an attempt to try me in the court of public opinion.

    Poor wittle victim Rush. Whaaaa Whaa Whaaaaa!!!

    If this guy were practicing any type of recovery program from his addiction, he would be working the 12 steps and looking at his own faults, rather than crying like a baby because he is getting reamed up the arse in the same way he treated others for so many years.

    The king of personal attacks, the king of moral judgment and self righteousness can't handle it when what went around comes back around.

    Full transcript of Rush crying found here:
  2. I think the real question is whether Rush has been singled out for special treatment by the Palm Beach County prosecutor's office. How many other people have they treated this way over misuse of prescription painkillers after becoming addicted following surgery? I'm guessing the answer is few to none.

    This is a county controlled by liberal Dem's in a state that does not exactly have a reputation for clean government. We all saw how corrupt and politicized the state Supreme Court is, so it is no stretch to think that a local prosecutor's office would be even worse and see this as a golden opportunity to silence or severely damage an important Republican voice.

    It's easy to say that Rush is only getting a taste of his own medicine. Clearly if you employ a take-no-prisoners approach and get rich and famous off it, you shouldn't expect much sympathy from your political opponents. I find it troubling however when the government focuses on someone because they have been a critic. It was wrong when the Clinton IRS did it and it is wrong if this is why they are tormenting Rush.
  3. I am surprised, as most right wing conservatives on this board don't argue on principle, but on the end justifies the means basis. If Rush is guilty, that is all that matters, right? That he get his just due, right? Do the crime, do the time, right?

    If it was Al Franken, you would be all in favor of the investigation.

    Contact your local ACLU board, and ask them to look into Rush's case, see if his civil liberties have been violated, OK?

  4. Pabst


    Once again your generalizing, Moorism's are evident. Pabst is a conservative. Pabst thinks the criminal prosecution of addicts is mean spirited. Pabst thinks Tommy Chong is a political prisoner.:)
  5. I stand corrected. Please, allow me to modify.

    The majority of conservatives I have read on this board favor the end justifies the means approach to problem solving over principle first approaches.

    Feel better?

    I also wasn't aware that Tommy Chong was involved in the possible money laundering of the nature Rush may have been involved in.

    Oh yea, first Rush says he needed the cash for "remodeling" not $9,000 drug runs, and now he tells us he needed it to pay blackmail fees.

    Problem is that when someone changes their story, their credibility begins to suffer with all but the most devout dittoheads.

    Classic drug addicted behavior by Rush. Ask Robert Downey Jr. if he thinks Rush is "recovered" and free of the mindset of an addict caught in a lie.

  6. Sorry, no sympathy for rush here.

    Doesn't he promote the idea that drug abusers should be in jail/prison?

    Hey rush, got an Orange jumpsuit custom embroidered with your name on it....... :D
  7. So your position is that whichever party is in power should use the prosecutor's office to attack their opponents? Or are you only in favor of it when conservatives are being attacked?

    I haven't really followed this story, I'm not sure of the details, and frankly, having listened to Rush a couple of times recently, I have some fear that he may well end up back in rehab. But I still find it very troubling when it appears the government is singling some one out for scrutiny because of their political prominence. Of course, it is possible that this county prosecutor has gone after dozens of rich Palm Beach types for painkiller abuse. If so, I would question his use of resources but not his ethics.

  8. trying to figure out where you are coming from......since when are you a bleeding heart liberal anyway? every single story you print is a direct dig at the right ( conservative) side of are making yourself about as relevant as Gordon Gekko bashing religion and praising " 24" what is your agenda? the same as Rush? to shape other people's opinion? Im surprised you have become this wrapped up in you hatred for opposite opinions of yours...even though you are claiming to be against just that...BTW...while Jesus may have been a liberal economically....I have got to believe that Jesus and Hillary and Ted Kennedy would not stand on a podium with their hands clenched together praising the passage of the partial birth abortion bill ..although you seem to have a better take on what his beliefs may or may not be:D ....
  9. Is there an argument anywhere in what you said, or are you just venting?

  10. Provide proof that the D.A.'s office is using this to "get back" at Rush. Just because that is his spin, doesn't make it so. Rush sounds like a paranoid drug addict in withdrawal to me.

    I find the Rush story interesting on many different levels.

    As a simple story of a man who is being investigated of potential money laundering, buying drugs illegally, and doctor shopping the story has little appeal.

    As a story of a holier than thou moralist who has fallen from his perch, found guilty of the sins he once condemned others of, it is even more interesting.

    As a story of a drug addict, still caught up in the type of behavior and lies that are common to all drug addicts, not working the steps, crying victim, blaming others for his woes, it holds even more fascination.

    As a story of demagogue who had a huge following, and watching the flock remain in denial about Rush's disease, not fully understanding the disease of addiction....nor comprehending what the real recovery from the disease requires, it holds another layer of fascination.

    As a story of a man who made his life in the court of public opinion through innuendo, personal attacks, deceptions, it holds yet another layer of charm as what went around is coming around.

    Seriously, can you provide any reason why Rush should not be investigated fully, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law if the evidence supports the inquiry?

    You can't. Have you seen Rush's attorney slap a lawsuit on the D.A.'s office for false accusations, or any other impropriety? If they had done anything wrong, anything at all, they would be called to task, which tells me they are playing this exactly by the book.

    Playing it so strictly by the book is not harassment, it is being tough on crime. What is amusing is watching the selective thinking of some that being tough on one criminal is right, but on Rush it is wrong. Heaven forbid Rush is silenced, how would the dittoheads know how to form an opinion on their own?

    In the end, making an example of Rush would go a long way to illustrate many many salient points.

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