More Crony Capitalism from the left.

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    Max E.

    Its amazing how far the left is willing to go to pay off their union supporters.....

    Silly me. I thought "HOV" when used in connection with expressway traffic meant "High Occupancy Vehicle." Apparently not, now that California is allowing a 2012 version of the Chevy Volt to use HOV lanes, even by drivers who have no passengers. Maybe the acronym really stands for "Haughty Obama Vehicles." Or "Hapless Odd Vehicles." Or "Have-to Offload (these slow-selling) Vehicles." I'm sure readers can do better.

    As would be expected, no one in the press seems to be noticing (or is pretending not to notice) the irony of letting politically favored driver-only vehicles into lanes which were originally designed to encourage people to carpool.

    A low emission model of the 2012 Chevrolet Volt electric car are on their way to California, where customers will qualify for a $1,500 state rebate and be allowed to drive solo in the state’s carpool lanes.

    Volts with the Low Emissions Package, which is standard for California, began shipping from the General Motors Detroit-Hamtramck plant this week and should begin arriving at the more than 140 participating Chevrolet dealerships in California before the end of the month.

    Commuters who use carpool lanes in Southern California save an estimated average 36 minutes a day, or about a third of their total driving time.

    The California Department of Motor Vehicles is making 40,000 Clean Air Stickers available for registered vehicles that meet the state’s emissions standards. Applications can be downloaded from the DMV’s web site at

    Additionally, the new Low Emissions Package makes the 2012 Volt eligible for owners and lessees to receive up to $1,500 in state rebates through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. This incentive is in addition to a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 Clean vehicle rebate applications can be submitted online at

    California has more than 1,400 miles of High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. Originally restricted to vehicles with two or more occupants to help minimize congestion, the lanes are now open to single occupancy use by owners of advanced, low-emission vehicles.
    Since enticing consumers with a variety of tax breaks and credit isn't enough, the government has to hand out "commute breaks" as political favors to save Volt owners time each day. This is unfair to other driver-only vehicles whose owners must endure the more congested lanes. I would say that this favoritism will inconvenience current HOV lane users, but there probably still won't be enough Volts sold to cause HOV lanes to slow down.

    True Blue NZ, from which the "Fire Sale" graphic at the top of this post was obtained, made an interesting point back in January that "the bulk of these have been bought by government agencies" (if not a majority, certainly a significant percentage), whose drivers get to look down their noses at the rest of the poor peons in the slow lanes as they cruise past.

    One upside: At least the drivers sitting stalled in the slow lanes won't have to worry about having a nearby Volt catching fire and having it spread to them.

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    Max E.

    Are Electric Car Buyers Brain Damaged?

    Electric cars are presently the flavour of the week among the chattering elite. Barack Obama loves them so much he’s spending other people’s money on them like there is no tomorrow. Latest figures demonstrate that each Chevy Volt off the assembly line has been subsidised by $250,000 of taxpayer’s money.

    7000 have been produced, and the bulk of these have been bought by government agencies.

    Now they’ve all been recalled to the factory because they have a disturbing tendency to catch fire. If anyone buys a Chevy Volt, they’re not only ready to overlook a serious safety problem, they’re also prepared to let other people pay the price for their folly.

    Buying a car that other people have been compelled to pay for, and that is extremely dangerous to operate, demonstrates a severely diminshed sense of responsibility towards the community.

    Buying a car that is based on a demonstrably flawed concept (green cars) when it has been proven time and time again that electric cars are extremely damaging to the environment, shows a complete inability to do mathematics or to reason.

    Buying a car just because the government tells you to also indicates the kind of slavish mindset that no intelligent person would ever succumb to.

    Hang on, all that may be so, but what about fuel efficiency? Yeah, good question-.

    A woman who expected her Civic Hybrid to be her dream car wants Honda to pay for not delivering the 50 mpg it promised.

    ..Heather Peters is going solo against the automaker in small-claims court, an unusual move that could offer a bigger payout. And if successful, it could open the door to a flood of similar lawsuits.

    A trial was set for Tuesday in Torrance, where American Honda has its West Coast headquarters. Peters, a former lawyer, says that as her vehicle’s battery deteriorated, it got only 30 mpg.

    When Honda ignored her complaints, she filed legal papers seeking reimbursement for her trouble and the extra money she spent on gas. The suit could cost the company up to $10,000.

    Electric car buyers are morons. What does that say about the people who make them, and the politicians who thrust them upon us? Or in the end, the people who worship those politicians? I reckon they’re all FITH.
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    The car is folly from an engineering standpoint.

    It is not an electric vehicle with onboard generator. It is a hybrid. The gasoline engine propels the car when it is running making it a hybrid.

    On battery power the car has 25 miles range. Fine for some government bureaucrat commuting between Georgetown and K-street but ridiculous for the rest of us.

    Ever see lithium burn? Think thermite.

    The car is a lie and so it is perfectly representative of the Obama regime.

  4. Porsche will get it right. The 918 Spyder is due out next year.

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    Too bad Odumbo won't ride in one. Who knows, maybe we'd get lucky.
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    gas prices are headed up, up, and away.... whee!! No more congestion on the LA freeways!

    Those HOV lanes CAUSE congestion. Good old controlling/crony capitalist Democrats have all of California stuck in traffic while that third or fourth lane is barely used!
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    For years now I just cross two sets of double-yellow lines and use it and dart back out if I see a cop or traffic clears up. I've got 20-10 vision, might as well use it. :D
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