more crashin in Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Trading' started by killATwill, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. HSI down 8%. This is getting ridiculous.
  2. pkts


    If it does that for another 11 days....I might even buy! :D
  3. If you think hsi looks like a sick puppy check out the two china indexes, enterprise and financial.
  4. Now subtract another couple of percent from everything
  5. Zaijien, Asia Pac, hen gaoxin renshi nimen!
  6. Does HSI have any trading limits or circuit breakers ?
  7. HOLY SHIT - some companies are down 21% in todays HSI session alone.

    What the hell is going on over there?

    I'm preparing for a bloody leg down in the US market - I find it unbelievable that the US market can stay propped up for this long.

    Do you guys get a feeling that the DOW is sitting on the edge of a cliff - about to fall to 5000 ?
  8. No. When you adjust for volatility Hong Kong and the US are doing the same dance. They are both back to their respective 2003-2004 trading ranges.
  9. wow down 14%.

    do I hear 15%, 15?
  10. Yep, 15 :(
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