More Corruption From Obama

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    Corruption: Flying Newtown victims' families on Air Force One to lobby Congress is an obvious abuse of presidential power. Can Republicans now give Fast and Furious victims' families taxpayer-funded flights to Washington?

    Saul Alinsky disciple President Obama knows well that lies are often an indispensable tool. Breitbart's A.W.R. Hawkins last week noted that in his book "Rules For Radicals," Chicago's Marxist father of community organizing wrote of refraining from destroying a politician by revealing embarrassing facts of his private life.

    "But just when his followers thought there might be something noble about the radical," Hawkins pointed out, "Alinsky instructed them: 'But, if I had been convinced that the only way we could win was to use it, then without any reservations I would have used" the information.

    According to Hawkins, for Alinsky and followers such as Obama, "you do whatever it takes ... even if what it takes is telling bald-face lie after bald-face lie."

    In a speech Monday at the University of Hartford, accompanied by some of the parents of the victims of the Newtown massacre in December, in which 20 elementary school children and six adult staff were slaughtered, Obama claimed that his push for gun control was apolitical.

    Why, then, was he yelling?

    The president was thundering over and over that "this is not about politics." In the course of the speech, he spoke of "politics in Washington," of "political stunts to prevent votes," of "political victory or defeat for me," and of how he "did not believe the country was as divided as our politics would suggest."

    That's a lot of talk about politics on something that has nothing to do with politics.

    Of course, what the president is up to has everything to do with politics — and nothing to do with saving children from bullets. This most-ideological president in U.S. history sees another opportunity to body-slam a component of the Republican Party's base, those bitter non-urban GOP voters who "cling to guns or religion," as Obama has said of them.

    Meeting privately with the parents of the dead Newtown children less than four months after the carnage, many of them interviewed on CBS' "60 Minutes," urging them to become celebrity gun control lobbyists? Giving them a lift to Washington on Air Force One so they could persuade Congress in person?

    None of this is political? How dense does Obama think the American people are?

    The Newtown victims' parents are not, of course, unanimously in favor of gun control. Most famously, there is Mark Mattioli, whose 6-year-old son was among the murdered. In an emotional Fox News interview this week, he called for increased enforcement of existing laws and more mandatory sentencing, pointing out that criminals won't follow new laws any more than they do existing ones.

    Mattioli asked: "Why should I be hampered in protecting myself when someone can come to my home and outgun me?" And he has praised the detailed "School Shield" proposal the National Rifle Association has put forth since the massacre to train armed guards to protect schoolchildren from mass killers.

    The outcry from Democrats and their media allies would be deafening if Republicans in Congress used taxpayer-funded government aircraft to fly the families of slain U.S. law enforcement agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata to Washington to lobby in regard to Obama's disastrous Operation Fast and Furious scheme, which gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels.

    Why, then, is the president not called out for his shameless exploitation of the blood of elementary school children?