More companys needs to create a software like Etrade professionals Lightspeed!

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  1. I have looked at many trading softwares. Most of them all look alike ( real tick style level 2 ect ect ect ) The style of Lightspeed is very unique and easy to read with the eyes. They keep it simple with 3 big level 2 boxes very unique and easy to read. Orders are keyboard based so you can scalp the fastest of stocks as well as the very low volumne stocks. I think more firms need to develop software with the stlye of Lightspeed.

    then click on lightspeed Demo....

    I do not think any other software can touch the speed and ease of use that I have heard this one has.
  2. More companys needs to create a software like Etrade professionals Lightspeed!
    You mean the kind of software that sends your money to Russia when you go on vacation?
  3. lescor


    Have you used Hammertrade, Anvil or Hydratrade?

    Keyboard based, customizable, very fast order entry.
  4. Nice advertising, how much did e-trade pay you off for this.

    Etrade are some clever people, stealing peoples money, just like mine. I can't wait until E-trades downfall, they will pay for the things they have done to me and to others like me.

    Screw them.
  5. My own experience, though it was many years ago, was very negative. So much so, that I still remember it well. I would never do business with Etrade, and my recollection is that they were the most unresponsive folks that I had ever dealt with. From my point of view, they took every advantage of me at a time when I was a newbie. They cost me money and time, and they were unapologetic about the whole thing.

    I have to agree with the person who posted this comment

    "screw them"...

    I hope this comment keeps other newbies from having the same experience with this company.

    Merry Christmas to everyone at Etrade.

  6. actually im gonna have to disagree with all you. I really love etrade - no problems, great software, repudable bank. I feel my money is safe with them. Plus cheap commisions, wide range of services.
    Cant go wrong with etrade
  7. How much will their commission be for 200 shares of IBM?

  8. maybe some of you guys are getting mixed up with ( different division ) Yes etrade bought out tradescape for the software technology but I have never heard of money issues with etrade professional. Etrade professional rocks!
  9. but there are many etrade pro offices around with PROP.. a small deposit... and alot of BP.. plus great commissions. It's just another person doing the PROP part of it with etrade as the platform... where are u located?
  10. staten island... orlando, fl... west palm beach.... and many more.. TX
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