More CO2 Is Good

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    Here is a machine that will make CO2 so your plants with thrive! :D

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    Carbon dioxide generators operate by burning carbonaceous fuels such as propane or natural gas. The burners used in Green Air Products CO2 generators are specially designed to maximize the production of CO2 and minimize heat as a by-product. Green Air Products generators provide CO2 far more economically than any other means of enrichment. Carbon dioxide enrichment equipment and methods have improved as experience and the understanding of atmospheric control and plant physiology have advanced. Plant metabolism and growth rate are dependent on the available atmospheric CO2. Plants are keenly sensitive to CO2 variations; optimum values must be constant and precisely controlled. The method, timing, and size of equipment must be properly determined to provide maximum benefits and economy. Carefully follow the operation charts to choose the proper size generator for the cubic foot area. Keep the recharge times to a minimum for best results.
  2. I wonder who their target customer is?
  3. Co2 is going to save the human race, provide it the food it needs.

    Global warming must prove that God exists and is using it to save mankind.
  4. Mosquitoes
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    Greenhouses, indoor marijuana growers, hydroponics gardens, etc.
  6. Carbon dioxide generators probably are more effecient at producing CO2 than spending time masterbating in the greenhouse. :cool: