More Californians Are Considering Fleeing The State

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ironchef, Feb 13, 2019.

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  2. With the coming recession, there pension fund crisis is literally few years away, same as new jersey. Will be interesting to see how they handle it
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    CA has very little going for it besides the weather and natural beauty. The biggest problem IMO is that 90% of it is ugly sprawl, cheaply built with tacky architecture, especially in Socal.

    SF is the big exception on that front - lived in the Bay Area myself from 04-09. But when I visited SF last September for the first time in a number of years I was shocked at how dirty and run-down it seemed compared to the main East Coast cities, the homeless problem in particular seems to have gotten much worse.
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    Actually, I hope they stay in California. It's too bad because the state has great weather and a lot of natural beauty. But the people that reside in that state are responsible for what happened there. They will likely migrate somewhere else and screw up that place too. If they do leave, hope they decide to go somewhere that is already screwed up such as New York, New Jersey, Oregon, or Hawaii.
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    It is already happening in Florida and Texas. Extreme liberals from California have moved to those states and voted for liberal Democrats. That is why everyone needs to cast their vote! Do not be complacent. Even elections for mayor and city council in your areas because what they do affect you the most! If you are too lazy to vote, you deserve to get what the liberals give you!
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    Same thing that happened to Colorado.
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  8. The only problem with liberals is they move to a low tax state from a high tax state and continue to vote for politicians supporting high tax policies. They are like locust.
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    Never understood the logic of leaving a high tax state because you feel you are over taxed yet, come into a nice low tax state and spoil it for everyone by voting for no good liberal politicians who love to raise taxes? Why leave your high tax state in the first place? What is the point?
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