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  1. I don't see what is so terrible about allowing states to decide this issue democratically. That means allowing states to pass laws or not, as they choose. That was the procedure for 200 years of our country's existence, until the Supreme Court "discovered" a previously undiscovered constitutional "right" to abortion.

    Clearly the Roe v. Wade Court engaged in judicial legislating. It decided to take an issue away from the democratic process, decide it and call its choice a constitutional requirement. Some call this the "living Constitution." I call it judicial tyranny.
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  2. Concur, you are confused...

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    Roe V. Wade was in 1970.

    Today, a clear majority of Americans WANT abortion to remain legal.

    Republican spin doctoring won't cahnge that fact. Look at South Dakota. The legislature drank thier own Kool Aid.

    The anti abortion segment is a very very very LOUD LOUD.........

    Clearly, abortion wasn't an option when Orielly was conceived.
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