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  1. Last night on the O'Reilly Factor, Bill turned to the audience letters. From Peter in Canada: "Has anyone noted that life expectancy in Canada under our health system is higher than the USA?" Bill wasn't phased, but he did use some creative math to answer. "Well Peter, that's to be expected," he said, "we have ten times as many people as you do!

    Video can be seen here:
  2. Didn't see it, but his answer makes sense. Do you really think Canada has better stats than say, Wisconsin, which is pretty similar to Canada demographically?
  3. How so?
  4. His answer makes sense? :D ...and Canada's life expectancy is higher than Wisconsin's, not that I'm saying life expectancy is the best way to gauge an entire medical system.
  5. I just checked it and yes, Wisconsin does poorer than Canada for life expectancy.,0,5532934.story

    In fact, pick any state, even Hawaii, and that state does worse than Canada for life expectancy.

    So do you still think his answer somehow makes sense, since that quote from O'Reilly doesn't mention demographics, but population size?
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  7. Next time, Bill, say the small gap in life expectancy has more to do with culture, genetics, the way data is collected and climate than it does with the medical system. After all, do you really expect the U.S. life expectancy to increase at a faster rate with a government run health care system? Once Obama is finished with us, we'll be lucky if our life expectancy is as high as what it was in the neolithic period (at least that's what I heard on Fox News).
  8. According to Bill O'Ignorant's logic, China and India would have better life expectancy because they have greater populations than the USA...

    Only on Fox News with the loyal Fox sheeple does an fool like O'Ignoramus develop such a devout following...

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    What is even more astonishing is the fact that this question was pre-selected by O'Reilly and his producers along with his response to the question. This wasn't an extempore or impromptu remark made by the brilliant O'Reilly.
    On second thought, it isn't all that surprising when you take into consideration the mental calibre of his viewers. Perhaps it is not too late for Mr O'Reilly to consider pursuing an actuarial career.
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    I'm pretty sure Bush is no longer in office.
    A more appropriate picture?

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