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    I missed the 3 threads about Brandon (all now closed).

    What has disappointed me is finding out that he has been a paid advertiser all along. Unlike other vendors he doesn't have an indication of his status under his handle.
    I always wondered how he could get away with all the self-promotion, advertising he does. NOW I know- he arranged it with Baron, because it looks better pretending to be a member not a vendor.

    For the last year or so everytime anyone asks him about his blatant promotions on ET he gives a story about retiring from the vending game. This all changed over the last month and now he is in full swing again.

    My opinion- an oil seller who admits to taking 1million/ year from his clients.
  2. Pretending to be a member but
    being a paid advertiser, don't they
    call that SNAKE OIL ?!

    Like they say ,"Talk is cheap"

    If Brandon wants any credibilty as
    a REAL TRADER then he has to put
    up his audited results, plain simple
  3. Who is his marketing person? These threads were a brilliant idea. Maybe.:confused:
  4. Brandonf

    Brandonf ET Sponsor

    I want to apologize again to members of the forum for the take-over yesterday. I think my point was made though that generic attacks against vendors is all these people have, and the people with experiance with me have all be happy.

    Now to the topic of advertising here on ET with my threads and posts. I have never pretended not to have a site that sells services to traders. I have tried to contribute positively to the community on the topic of trading, which I feel I have done and many obviously agree. The right to have the URL in your sig. file is one reserved for vendors, so it is there. It is somewhat ironic that I never had a problem when I was not paying Baron for the same thing, but as soon as I became a sponsor the attacks started even though my posting pattern remains the same with the exception of yesterday.

  5. I thought the whole thing was interesting. I am reminded of when Don Bright first came on. He took a lot of flak at first but held his own and is now a respected member.
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    Attempting to sell anything on ET is like selling US flags in Iraq. The early Don Bright threads were pure entertainment. Don earned his combat badge on those threads.:D
  7. I can't figure out why you continue to even run the mentor chat site thing. I think at one point last year you admitted you did not make much from it - 50K or less. Surely for person selling his trading knowledge with all the time you put into building and running that site you could come up with other trading stategies or other trading opportunities that pay you better for the time invested.

    Now aside from that point I have heard good things from actual past users of your site. You are right about the point that anyone trying to advertise here usually does not receive a warm reception, which is kind of funny because it probably only remains open because of the advertisers. I think part of the problem is that there is lot of junk promoted so that eventually what is left is a feeling of "oh great here comes another product being pushed on me" regardless if it has real value or not.
  8. :confused:

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    It's both amusing and sad the way these arguments go on ET. "Post results, audited results, we want to see performance numbers... blah, blah, blah."

    You hear these comments time and again... Then, when someone <i>does</i> answer their critics by posting their numbers (botter screenshots, monthly statements, etc) like Diamondtrim did a few weeks ago, then he is called a liar and accused of fabricating the information. It's a no-win situation, and not worth the fight, IMO.

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