more bad news today...WB, BCS, QCOM

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gobar, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Looking at DJ daily chart, the technical picture is looking more and more bearish.
    I attribute this more to the current phase of jpy carry trade unwinding than anything else.
  3. is today the day....Dow down 250 pre-open
    todays date 11/9...or as the europeons write it .......9/11
    The big crash?
  4. More and more bearish? I'd say it's extremely bullish short term. I'm supporting my opinion by buying calls on the Dow. But I'm not holding to anticipate a new high. Just trying to profit from a quick bounce.
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    You seem to be fighting the trend (trend on the end of day chart that is) ... good luck.