More bad news for you scum that smoke in the presence of decent folk

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  1. f you work in a bar your urine levels of NNK can rise rapidly after a short period of breathing in secondhand smoke, even if you are a non-smoker, say researchers from Multnomah County Health Department in Portland, Oregon. NKK is a carcinogen closely associated with lung cancer.

    NKK = 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone

    You can read about this study in the American Journal of Public Health.

    The researchers measured urine levels of 84 non-smoking bartenders and restaurant workers in Oregon. 52 of them did one shift in a no smoking bar/restaurant, while the others worked a shift where smoking was allowed.

    NKK is only ever found in a person who either smokes or breathes other people's smoke.

    The participants gave urine samples before and immediately after their shifts. Stark and team found that 75% of the participants who had worked in an establishment where smoking was allowed had some detectable level of NKK. The team also found that levels went up for each hour worked.

    Stark and team suggest that this new study provides more evidence that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that people should be protected.

    Secondhand smoking = Passive smoking (breathing in the smoke of other smokers, while not smoking a cigarette, cigar or pipe yourself)

    "The Impact of Clean Indoor Air Exemptions and Preemption Policies on the Prevalence of a Tobacco-Specific Lung Carcinogen Among Nonsmoking Bar and Restaurant Workers"
    Michael J. Stark , Kristen Rohde, Julie E. Maher, Barbara A. Pizacani , Clyde W. Dent , Ronda Bard , Steven G. Carmella , Adam R. Benoit , Nicole M. Thomson , Stephen S. Hecht
    American Journal of Public Health, 10.2105/AJPH.2006.094086
  2. do bars in the states still allow smoking??

    In canada you can only go in certain areas which are completely glassed off from the public..... and thats IF you can even smoke at all inside, for the most part they make you go outside.

    I am a smoker, i know it is bad and i actually agree that it should be banned, i mean looking back on it when it was allowed in bars here, it was just a haze when you went in there, i live in Alberta and go to calgary once in a while, where they still allow smoke in bars and i will even admit that it gets disgusting when an entire bar is allowed to smoke inside.

    Plus since they imposed these rules my smoking has greatly been reduced.
  3. cig smoking should be banned from all but the CIGAR.. ah now that's STYLE! PIZZAZ! CLASS! i love the smell of a good cigar

    and man, don't we look good toking on one :D
  4. Are we still allowed to smoke a good stogie in a cigar lounge? Who knows. I'm so old I can remember when this was still a free country. Do you think Bogie gave a damn what was in the barkeep's urine?
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    I like to stand outside kindergartens in the morning and exhale my cigarette smoke into the ventilation system during their nap time. Then I usually go drown some newborn kittens in the river before grabbing some lunch.

  6. You think you're being funny, but smoking in public IS actually closer to that than you think. Or is it. Or do you.
  7. LOL

    Now all you have to do is blow enough in stock777's face to give him cancer so i dont have to read his bullshit anymore.

  8. The world is a better place with a smoke free Abrahams tank. Anybody bitching about passive smoke from gun powder? Junk science may or may not prove anything re second hand smoke but the way this was done is abhorrent. Strangers acting rudely toward fellow citizens, thread title is proof of that.
  9. Holy shit!! I do the same thing, but then i usually club a few seals and then sit down and have a fried Manatee sandwich! if you hit a manatee in Florida with your boat, do not call the coast guard...carve out a few pounds of fillet...its awesome!
  10. Well, you can joke all you like, but when it really hits home, that smirk gets turned to dog smelly real quick, I'll betya.

    Seriously, I would like to see anyone smoking in public arrested , tried and convicted for attempted murder.

    Smoking is really stupid.

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