more bad news for you hft thieves

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  1. what no comment from the shills, did they stop paying you a shill fee?
  2. What if someone created an slow trading low frequency algorithm that only executed a few trades a day, week or month but was consistently profitable . . . would that upset you too?
  3. No
  4. xiaodre


    Nah. Thats cool...

    For what its worth, I used to get pissed at people pinglagging me in original Quake too. I used to think "NOFAIR!" and sometimes I would say it out loud to my computer...
  5. don't bother. haters gonna hate.
  6. Come here so i can beat you up please.
  7. apologists for hft thieves are likely the same folks you see wearing leather and begging to be flogged by men in underwear.

    notice I say men, not women.
  8. Who's apologizing?
    You going to answer my question or just rant?
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