More bad news for those playing the home game

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  1. By the time you have seen or your 'blak' box has registered an easy opportunity, it will have been long gone, flipped, and relegated to ancient history.

    NYSE... has reduced the time it takes to execute an order to five milliseconds from 105 milliseconds, with the implementation of the new NYSE Super Display Book system (SDBK) for processing orders. As a result, NYSE customers are experiencing trade executions and reports within five milliseconds, as well as order and cancellation acknowledgments in just two milliseconds.

    NYSE SDBK replaces the well-known SuperDOT order delivery and processing system – which for 33 years was synonymous with electronic trading – as well the Post Support System, which routed orders to the trading floor. NYSE SDBK is a server-based system based on NYSE Arca’s industry-leading trading engine, providing much greater throughput, flexibility and scalability as well as lower operating costs compared with the mainframe platform that supported SuperDOT.

    “We have improved system latency to the single digits today from 350 milliseconds in 2007,” said Louis G. Pastina, executive vice president, NYSE Operations. “NYSE customers can now access our market with greater speed and assurance, and their orders will be delivered and executed more efficiently than ever. For the first time on NYSE, customers can employ the benefits of competitive speed and automation in addition to our longstanding value of high-touch price discovery on the only U.S. exchange cash equities trading floor.”
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  3. "THEY" want to squezzzzzz out the "Retail" traders. GOV does not want the volitility........ they want an orderly market and will get one at all cost.

    The daytrading game ended years ago. Very few actually make money. Of course...ETers make millions daytrading so they are exempt.

    Nevertheless.....The daytrading game is old and many great traders have moved on to longer and complicated positions as a whole.

    This is nothing new....the order system being rolled out is old news. In fact there is the 4th market and its' new order system that auto routes far away from small orders that pick at a 100 lot.

    Game over.....but most will hang on....
  4. Although a few might be good I never met a daytrader who can make money consistently. I am not even sure why reatail costumers bother with daytrading.

  5. Bad attitude, don't let failure stand in your way, failure is a wonderfull thing embrace it.

  6. Can you tell me what your best setup is?
  7. It's not a game it's a business, thats why most never make it. It's hard, very hard, thats why most give up.
  8. Well said Aaron Copland.


  9. You assume everyone is trading the same system/strategy and time frame.
  10. I am an option seller not a daytrader. The shorter time frame you trade is going to take, the harder it is to make money. Usually when daytraders try to reach for the money, they get their fingers chopped by floor traders.

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