more bad news for Bear Stearns

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    NEW YORK (AP) -- Bear Stearns Cos. said Sunday that co-President and co-Chief Operating Officer Warren Spector has resigned following the meltdown of two hedge funds that invested in risky mortgage-backed securities.
  2. um no big deal

    I can hardly wait till the markets rebound huge after people realize this bear stearns crap is way overblown.
  3. 11Blade


    Well now we have an opening indication for the broker-dealer index on monday.

    things must be a tad worse than indicated at BSC
  4. In your bullish little world, what exactly would be a "big deal"?

    Seriously, what would make stock_trad3r hit a bid to go flat or *gasp* short? :eek:
  5. Perversely, this will be viewed as a positive. BSC opens higher tomorrow.
  6. nah.. spector was revered on wall street as a financial wunderkind....

    I say BSC down to 80 in the coming week.

    LEH to 47.

  7. Well, he really phucked-up here, no? I'll lay 100:1 against BSC at 80 this week.
  8. 11Blade



    all that was bad at BSC has now been tossed overboard, the ship can now sail forward stronger..
  9. Sashe


    I'll take it...betting $5 here
  10. lol, ok, you're on.
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