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  1. I hope this works its off


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    Didn't work. What was the article?
  3. Check out the site it is about the housing slowdown and how it has just started
  4. I believe that is the article where it is suggested that this is just the beginnig. We have a long ways to go with prices before it all works out.

    I totally agree. This bubble was bad. Just look how far off the mean growth rates we went. A chart of it looks like Mt Everest. With the inventory overhang and ridiculous mortgage/income ratios, we definitely have a ways to go. I bet we go basically flat for many years afterwards as well. Either incomes need to rise significantly or prices will stall. Mortgage/income ratios have been stable for 40 years. We will go back to the mean. It was only artificially low interest rates and speculation that drove us to these levels. Housing IS a market just like any other, doesn't matter if you need a place to live. It still has a value that can fluctuate. Just usually does this slower than other markets cause its not so liquid.
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    No...don't worry, I'll find it by trolling their site.